Saturday, November 30th, 2013

HARRY Potter, Frodo Baggins, and Indiana Jones, look out! A book featuring a strong and likable female protagonist is about to give them a run for their money.

York author Karina McRoberts is launching her novel Chelandra (published in WA by Equilibrium Books) at The York Mill on December 14, a story filled with fantasy, adventure, mystery, humour and romance.

It follows the adventures of the young Chelandran woman Galla Jenari as she travels through tumultuous lands of ethereal beauty to learn about the world around her.

Along the way are monsters of savage ferocity, enchanted life forms, lake-dwelling spirits, fantastic machines, wondrous cities, drowned citadels and strange cultures and customs.

Originally from San Pedro, California, McRoberts is a retired teacher and scientist with a PhD in wildlife disease ecology.

“I first started to think about writing this book as a result of my experiences as a university student and later as a qualified scientist,” she said.

“As I studied, I was appalled at the way the scientific establishment disregarded the rights of people and animals. 

“I travelled and read, learning further from other cultures that science is only part of the equation. 

“Science is an absolutely vital part but science without emotional wisdom and compassion is very dangerous.  

“The politics of science and industry sickened me and I don’t think a great deal has changed but, as I look back, these experiences have certainly helped me to write this book.”

McRoberts says she has written Chelandra for an audience that wishes to be entertained, enlightened and – as she puts it – “given some intellectual grist for their mill”. 

Chelandra’s mainly about people,” she said. “How they grow, interact with each other and how they deal with the challenges they face, many not black-and-white.

“I wanted to write a book that contributes to human dignity and incorporates beautiful language.”

Chelandra is the first of a trilogy and McRoberts said people shouldn’t make the mistake of thinking it is a children’s book.

“The main hero of the story is a young woman of 16,” she said. “Obviously more things are going to happen to her as she becomes an adult. 

“Although a fantasy set in a pre-industrial society, Chelandra is certainly topical for the real world of today.

“There’s religious belief, cultural antagonism, historical development, social outcasting and incipient madness. 

“Science and technology is a major theme – both its glory and misuse.”

Signed copies of Chelandra are available exclusively at The York Mill until January 19. Unsigned copies are available via

The York Mill is at 10 Henrietta Street, York, and the gallery is open 10am to 4pm, Wednesday to Sunday. For more details, call (08) 9641 2900 or go to



chelandra-karina mcroberts: Author Karina McRoberts – signed copies of her novel Chelandra are available at The York Mill.

chelandra: Karina McRoberts’ novel Chelandra features a strong and likable female protagonist in a story filled with fantasy, adventure, mystery, humour and romance.


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