Thursday, November 28th, 2013

Residential property owners and occupiers can now calculate their savings from converting to energy-efficient lighting, thanks to a new online “LED lighting configurator” designed by Queensland-based lighting specialist Digilight.

Gordon Cramer, General Manager at Digilight, says consumers simply enter the number and type of lighting units they currently use.

“What is very different about this configuration tool is that it not only its ease of use but the incredible detail that it outputs literally within a second,” Cramer said.

“The tool delivers the suggested equivalent LED lighting and then goes on to calculate how many kilo watt hours you would save over a year. It also calculates dollar savings that display both in text and a very impressive graph format.

“Most users are pleasantly surprised when they find out that the cost of replacing their old light fittings with a new LED lighting solution can be repaid within 18 months and from then on it’s all savings.”

Savings are even greater for those who receive a Feed In Tariff from a solar installation. For example, a home with 10 Halogen downlights and 10 old Incandescent lights that used their lights for 6 hours a day would stand to save approximately $527 a year and with the Feed In Tariff, the savings are $702 in the first 12 months.

Heating and cooling bills can drop dramatically when LED downlights are installed. Cramer says the reason is simple:

"Old-fashioned halogen and incandescent lights have a core temperature of 2500 degrees C. The bulb surface can reach 500 degrees C. When you consider that ordinary paper will ignite at around 250 degrees, you would have to say that’s pretty hot! In contrast LED lights run at around 30 Degrees C.”

In other words, up to 90% of the electricity is consumed creating heat at the core of Halogen or Incandescent lights. If that’s in the warmer months, that heat has to be cooled down and up goes the power bill.

“Conversely, if it’s in the winter months, then old fashioned lights, because of the generated heat, are unsealed and that means all of the heat goes up into the loft space, rendering all that money you spent on insulation almost useless and of course up go your heating bills,” Cramer said. “These additional factors can account for a further 25 percent in savings over a year using LEDs.”

The website has a lot more information on the whys and how of LED lighting for the home.

“We believe consumers will find the Configurator an absolute winner when it comes to calculating the bottom line dollar savings and whether or not LED lighting is the right investment.”

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