Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

Outdoor living has become increasingly popular in Melbourne and it's plain to see why more people are looking to extend their property outwards. Building a pergola, verandah or even patio around the back of your house provides a great additional space to both socialise and relax in.

Pergolas R Us have been building custom projects for over 20 years and have a wealth of experience and a dedication towards providing their customers the best experience on offer. Because they are so confident about the quality of their service, they even offer a guarantee on their work.

Matt Goodie, who is the owner of Pergolas R Us, knows that when it comes to a building project it can be a real mine field of rules and regulations you need to take into account before any building begins. This is why he takes pride in providing his customers all the support and advice that is required to ensure his customers receive the most professional building service in Melbourne.

One thing Matt has come to realise over the years is just how important it is to make sure no mess is left behind after the building project has been completed.  In Matt's own words; "In fact, in our 9 Point Guarantee you'll find that point 7 states: Your garden will be protected and left clean on completion. However, in the unlikely occurrence that something is damaged, we will replace it free of charge. He even goes on to say; "So we take care with not only our work, but with the way that we work in and around your home and garden", because, "It's all part of the care and attention to detail we have with our business".

Pergolas R Us strive to be industry leaders in providing homes with pergolas, verandahs, carports, patios, sunrooms and decking, and are now looking to extend their services into building small extensions.

Small extensions will suit those who are looking to make use of some extra space for their art or music studio, study or anything else where the customer doesn't want to invest too much money in a larger extension, but at the same time, increase the living space of the property.

Those who are interested in building small extensions or any other outdoor living project can contact Pergolas R Us via their website at www.pergolasrus.com.au


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Pergolas R Us - Pergola Specialists In Melbourne

Experts in building pergolas, verandahs, carports, patios and now small extensions. With over 20 years of experience, Pergolas R Us provide a very high standard of professionalism, delivering stunning designs made to order in the Melbourne area.

Matt Goodie
P: 1300 796 229
W: www.pergolasrus.com.au


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