Tuesday, December 10th, 2013

DNA Security Solutions has secured the Micro Business Category Award in the Anthill Coolest Company Awards.

The company, which has offices in both Sydney and the Gold Coast and its head office in Adelaide, as well as distributors across Australia, manufactures criminal identification technologies that help protect businesses from intrusion and theft.

The technology uses an indelible spray that acts as a deterrent by making it easier to identify thieves via a "DNA" signature unique to that business. Primarily aimed at "soft target" businesses like hotel and clubs, service stations, post offices, pharmacists and small convenience stores, DNA Guardian is applicable for anyone experiencing the terrifying act of armed robbery.

DNA’s Managing Director, Tania Jolley, said that more than 5,000 armed robberies occur across Australia every year.

"The psychological, emotional and financial loss to the community is enormous," Ms Jolley said. "Preventing this opportunistic crime is the only way to reduce the significant and varied costs this places on businesses and the community."

Hundreds of businesses, from SME operators to blue chip multi-nationals, have installed the DNA Guardian™ criminal marking technology, which is proving to be the greatest deterrent, delivering a 95% success rate in preventing and reducing crime.   . 

According to Anthill founder and Cool Company MC James Tuckerman, “The Cool Companies are among the most impressive businesses in Australia today. But what sets cool companies apart is that they are, by their very nature, worthy of being ‘remarked’ about. They are remarkable.”

What is DNA Security Solutions?

Based in Adelaide and founded in 2007, DNA Security Solutions was the first company to introduce criminal marking technology to Australia. Realising that closed-circuit cameras and alarm systems did little to deter criminals, the company began working with input from police and business owners to come up with a more effective deterrent.

The result is a patented, proprietary technology that is wireless and easily installed.  When activated, a “mist” that contains a unique DNA signature, or unique fingerprint to each business,  sprays onto the criminal, allowing the perpetrator to be forensically connected with the crime later – with no chance of a false alibi.

This technology has prevented crime from occurring in over 95% of DNA customers’ businesses.  With such success, this local company is looking to expand globally.

What are the Cool Company Awards?
The Cool Company Awards was launched in 2006 as a way for Anthill Magazine to publicly acknowledge and celebrate Australian organisations that are doing things differently to bring about positive change.

What is Anthill Magazine?
Anthill is Australia’s largest (according to Nielsen) and longest running (founded in 2003) online community for entrepreneurial business owners. It is a community and online business magazine that celebrates creativity, inspiration and commercial ingenuity, providing a fresh, exciting and practical perspective on Australian business in a global world. It is home to the Cool Company Awards, the 30under30 and the Smart 100. It’s where ideas and business meet.

CONTACT DNA SECURITY SOLUTIONS – [email protected], 0404 099 662
CONTACT ANTHILL – [email protected], 0422 009 230.



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DNA Security Solutions

DNA Security Solutions is an innovative provider of security systems employing unique forensic identification of alleged perpetrators with a range of security equipment, appropriate for business, personal and vehicle protection. The company’s equipment utilises non-toxic and harmless solutions encoded with unique DNA material which can be matched to specific situations, increasing the likelihood of conviction rates. Use of these products has found DNA styled perpetrator marking products highly effective both as a deterrent and as a tool to easier identification and conviction of criminals. DNA Security Solutions is the first company to introduce the technology into Australia and the technology is quickly being adopted as best practice OH&S and providing the highest Duty of care for employees.

Tania Jolley
P: 0404 099 662
W: www.dnasecuritysolutions.com.au


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