Monday, November 25th, 2013

In recent times it has been brought to the attention of Nexgen Australia that rival companies may have wilfully changed their company names to somehow cast unauthorised aspersions as to the goodwill of Nexgen Australia, particularly, “Quikfund Pty Ltd” (now known as Ezycomm Pty Ltd) and “Clear Care Pty Ltd (in liquidation)” (formerly known as Litigation Holdings Pty Ltd) to “Nexgen Communications Pty Ltd”.  There have also been some unfounded and unsubstantiated comments made on various social media connecting Nexgen Australia to these entities.

Nexgen Australia believes that the change of names may have been wilful and purposeful attempts by Quikfund Pty Ltd and Clear Care Pty Ltd (in liquidation) to damage the goodwill and reputation of Nexgen Australia and to create a (false) public perception that there is a connection between Nexgen Australia and some of its competitors.

In a statement taken earlier this week, a Director of Nexgen Australia said “Nexgen Group have never had and will never have any association or connection with Quikfund Pty Ltd, Clear Care Pty Ltd (in liquidation) or any company related to those companies.  We have invested significant resources into clarifying this issue including seeking recourse through the appropriate government agencies.”

In about 27 June 2013, “Quikfund Pty Ltd (ACN 104 850 802) changed its name to  “Nexgen Communications Pty Ltd”.  On 22 August 2013, that company changed its name to Ezycomm Pty Ltd.

On 23 August 2013 (a day after Quikfund Pty Ltd changed its name from Nexgen Communications Pty Ltd to Ezycomm Pty Ltd,  “Clear Care Pty Ltd (ACN 130 697 540) (as it was known at the time) changed its name to “Nexgen Communications Pty Ltd”.  That company is now in liquidation and is in the process of being wound up. 

Nexgen Australia has never had any relation or association with any company called “Nexgen Communications”.

Nexgen Australia understands that there may have been confusion or concerns created by these name changes.  The Directors of Nexgen Australia can assure its loyal customers that it is doing everything within its power to ensure that this confusion is removed from the marketplace. Nexgen Australia’s legal advisors are currently looking into this unauthorised conduct and appropriate reports have been filed with the government agencies.

If you require any further information in relation to the above, please contact Nexgen Australia on 02 8623 3333.

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