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Remember when we had to work around television scheduling to watch our TV show of choice? If we couldn’t be there in front of the goggle-box at the appointed time, we’d have no other option but to record it. How times have changed! Since September 2010, the proportion of Australians streaming or downloading TV, movie or video content online and not watching live broadcast TV at all has doubled, to 6% of the population — or 1.2 million people.

This trend is related to two larger trends: the increase in Australians streaming or downloading video, TV and movies online (from 36% to 53% of the population), and the growing percentage who choose not to watch any live broadcast TV (10%, up from 6%).

More and more, Australians are either complementing or replacing their consumption of live broadcast TV with streamed content.

Streaming vs. live broadcast: how Aussies consume TV in an average 4 week-period


Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), April 2010–September 2013, 6 month rolling average n=9,794.

In the chart above, viewers who ‘stream or download videos/TV/movies’ include those who access Free-to-Air catch-up services online (ABC iView, Yahoo! 7 TV, Nine’s Jump-In, SBS On Demand and tenplay) as well as those who stream or download content from iTunes, Youtube or other online sources.

Drilling down into the types of online content that Australians are streaming and downloading, our data shows that in the six months to September 2013, 17% of Australians streamed TV, including free-to-air (FTA), in an average four-week period, while 45% used YouTube, and 28% streamed video.

Australians’ online consumption of video/TV/movies in an average 4-week period


Source: Roy Morgan Single Source (Australia), April 2013 – September 2013, n=9,812.

George Pesutto, General Manager Media & Communications, Roy Morgan Research, says:

“More and more Australians are choosing alternative ways of accessing television such as streaming or downloading the TV content of their choice online. This includes catch-up and streaming services offered by local TV broadcasters that allow viewers to watch in their own time and schedule. What’s more, Netflix and YouTube now account for 50% of all North American Fixed Network data consumption — almost certainly an indication of the potential future growth of video streaming in Australia.


 “Interestingly, Professionals are 61% more likely than the average Australian to stream or download TV content online while consuming no live broadcast TV. It’s possible their time-poor lifestyles make them more selective of the content they consume.


“Streamers who don’t watch live broadcast TV are also less likely than the average Australian to consume traditional forms of media such as newspapers and magazines. Over a third of them, however, are Heavy Cinema goers (going to the movies more than twice in an average three months), making them much more likely than the average Australian to visit the cinema.”

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