Wednesday, November 20th, 2013

Tireweb Marketing welcomes the new Hummingbird algorithm released by Google last month. Under the new change, many tire retailers have experienced a reduction in search engine traffic which ultimately affects sales.  Due to a dedicated focus on the buying habits of consumers, the online marketing strategy from Tireweb Marketing is perfectly positioned to reverse this trend for tire retailers.

NEW YORK, New York (November 20, 2013) – Providing a website for tire retailers has always been just one part of the puzzle for Tireweb Marketing. While best known for the ezytire brand of websites, the long-term investment in a comprehensive internet strategy has positioned clients of Tireweb Marketing for success under the new Google algorithm. The Hummingbird launch in September was the first Google rewrite of their search engine in 12 years.

“Google has been warning business owners for years they were working on a new search engine so they could provide highly relevant search results to their audience,” says Matthew Walker, President of Tireweb Marketing. “We knew our websites needed to do more than drive traffic. They needed to provide information to consumers and it had to be a unique offering for each business.”

With over 40,000 dealers using Tireweb, the team at Tireweb Marketing was confident they understood how technology could improve the sales efforts of tire retailers. The challenge became how to attract the right customer to the right dealer at the time they were ready to purchase.

“Our focus has always been on attracting the customer that’s ready to buy. It’s relatively easy to drive traffic to a website using paid advertising or social media.  We’re much more interested in converting a search into an actual sale,” says Walker.

Under the new algorithm, website owners must now produce original, high-quality content if they want to garner high search engine rankings. Tireweb Marketing began creating customised websites for each customer on the back of Google’s earliest warnings.

“We spend a lot of time understanding the buying habits of the consumer. For instance, we know more than 90% of shoppers prefer to purchase tires in the store. We also know most of them start their research online and about 50% will leave a website if it doesn’t have pricing information on it,” says Walker. “If a tire website can’t provide pricing, that’s a huge impact to your business.”

Tireweb Marketing employs developers and designers to create retail tire websites from scratch. This ensures each website is one of a kind and supports the retailer’s business. In addition, each website uses fully responsive design because most search queries are conducted on mobile devices like phones and tablets. For more information, visit:

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Tireweb Marketing provides online marketing products and services to tire retailers in the USA, Canada, Asia and Australia. Founded in 2012 by lifelong employees of the tire industry, Tireweb Marketing focuses on producing customised websites with the best industry data to attract a highly targeted audience.  A strategic relationship with E-Solution Professionals allows Tireweb Marketing to build on the depth and insight provided by tools such as Tireweb, Tirelibrary, Connections Centre and Ezytire.

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