Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

To raise awareness of reef health issues, abstract expressionist painter BJ Price announces the world's first Undersea Art Exhibition on the Great Barrier Reef, Australia from December 10th to 13th, 2013.

Access to the marine galleries will be from Reef Magic's Marine World platform on Moore's Reef, one hour, forty-five minutes cruising from Cairns Port. The exhibition is a stunning collection of single-edition prints on aluminium, celebrating the magnificent beauty of the Reef and inspiring action to protect the world’s largest biological marine structure.

For BJ Price, the Great Barrier Reef’s unsurpassed marine utopia is a creative obsession and his endless muse. BJ says, “When I dive on The Great Barrier Reef and become part of it, the Reef speaks to me and through my art I answer its call, so others may hear its evocative voice.

“The health of the Great Barrier Reef is of huge concern to me. It is my intention to use this Exhibition to show how the Great Barrier Reef can inspire great creativity and stimulate inventive solutions when addressing reef health issues.”

“I passionately believe that we must all take a shared responsibility for protecting the Great Barrier Reef and I encourage anyone who has not visited this wonder to do so and be moved by its grandeur. We’ve all seen it on TV but to experience it in person can be a life altering event. It certainly was for me.

"I am convinced that when you encounter the extraordinary majesty of one of the World’s Great Natural Wonders and the largest living organism on the planet, you will fall in love with it. And when you love something you will strive to protect it and that will be a great outcome for the Reef, and marine conservancy and the people of this amazing world”.

BJ Price's paintings are quickly gaining an international reputation as unique visual interpretations of the Reef’s natural coded language.

To mark the site of this unique marine art event, BJ Price has also created the Alpha Turtle, a monumental turtle sculpture emblazoned with his black and white masterwork Alpha.  This icon will be moored above the Undersea Art Exhibition to allow visitors and dive boats to locate the exhibition and to inspire everyone to ponder the unique majesty of the Great Barrier Reef and it's wealth of biodiversity.

BJ says, “Alpha is the first piece in my triptych A Simple Life. It is in many ways my most important work, essentially because it is my core artist’s statement in oils on canvas. By adorning this 15 metre inflatable sculpture with this artwork, the Alpha Turtle will become a striking symbol and provide a focal point for the Undersea Art Exhibition.


Media invitation

A limited number of media invitations are now available for journalists wishing to attend the Undersea Art Exhibition. Please contact media liaison, Bradley Cox, see details below. Copies of high-resolution photographs and high definition video footage in all broadcasts formats are also available.

For a video preview visit: http://vimeo.com/78799401

Media Contact

Bradley Cox

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tel Australia 0400 848 746

USA +1 760 536 6581

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More about the artwork in this exhibition

The six single–edition aluminium prints have been produced in Australia using a unique direct to metal printing process that infuses dyes directly into specially coated aluminium. BJ has drawn upon his substantial body of work to select six stunning pieces that have appeared in exhibitions from New York to Sydney. BJ Price has worked directly with the Great Barrier Reef Marine Park Authority to gain all approvals and ensure the artworks will be a stunning addition to the natural undersea beauty of the coral garden galleries.

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