Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

Support Recovery Comfort has revolutionised the standard tights, offering a supportive, healing product ideal for during and after pregnancy. Physio on Brunswick is a Brisbane based physiotherapy firm which offers this great product, utilising it in conjunction with their services.

The SRC Pregnancy Shorts have many benefits for pregnant women. Recommended by health professionals, they can reduce pelvic and back pain and support the body as it holds extra weight and movement through this time. Gentle compression improves muscle tone and stability, as well as reducing swelling in the legs and extremities. The product is made to be worn under a person’s normal clothes to offer comfort and a sleek shape without being obvious.

The SRC Recovery Shorts are designed for post natal mothers who want to regain their pre-baby body shape or just need a little support to reduce common post pregnancy symptoms. The shorts provide back support and stimulate the abdominal muscles to facilitate weight loss around the stomach and recover core stability. It is also helpful for women who may have had a caesarean. Both shorts come in knee length and full length options.

Medical professionals recommend both products for women who want extra support through exercise and day to day activities.

“The pregnancy and recovery shorts from SRC are a great addition to regular exercise and physiotherapy sessions,” said Petro Kuiper, the owner of Physio on Brunswick.

“They are suitable for all stages of pregnancy and beyond as they offer the support and assistance needed for active mums and those with pelvic and postural problems.”

Kuiper said they recommend SRC’s products to their clients as a great way to supplement their physiotherapy sessions and exercise routine as they can be used every day.

Would you use pregnancy and recovery shorts? Let us know. Visit http://physioonbrunswick.com.au/ today.


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