Tuesday, November 19th, 2013

MELBOURNE, Australia – 19 November, 2013 - A new app promises to change the way we shop.  SnapItUp lets shops communicate directly with customers that are nearby.

“This app is the electronic version of a sign on the footpath telling you haircuts are 50% cheaper this afternoon,” said Frank Stranges, co-founder of 3 Electric Sheep, the developer of SnapItUp.  “It lets retailers run instant deals and means customers can get great savings just because they happen to be in the neighbourhood.”

It’s now simple for your local hairdresser, bakery, beauty and massage therapist or any retailer to offer deals when they are quiet, sales are slow or perishable items need to be sold.

SnapItUp lets customers save on common products and services when it matters most - when they are about to spend the money.  Whether it is a waxing that afternoon at 25% off, coffee or croissant between 11 and 12 for $5 or a pie at 50% off on the way home.

Today, more than ever, retailers need sales.  If they’re having a quiet period or stock needs to be sold before it is thrown out, they now have a solution that is immediate, local and produces immediate sales. 

A retailer can do everything from their smart phone.  They can have the app downloaded, set up and sending deals in less than 2 minutes.  More importantly deals don’t cost the retailer a cent until someone takes the deal up (snaps the deal).  There’s no risk.  If they don’t get any sales it doesn’t cost them anything.

Customers don’t need to search for anything.  If there is a deal available nearby, a SnapItUp user receives a discreet notification.  No apps to launch, no searches to do.  Just real-time deals at the local baker, beauty parlour, liquor store, or any retailer offering time and place deals.

To help spread the word anyone can become a SnapItUp Advocate.  Every retailer that signs on because a customer told them about it will save big money.  Even better, the customer who told them about SnapItUp will receive 30% of all SnapItUp purchases from that retailer for a whole year.

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3 Electric Sheep

In the 1982 futuristic film Blade Runner (based on the book ‘Do androids dream of electric sheep,’) and the 2002 film, Minority Report, advertising is time, customer and context sensitive.  Inspired by that snapshot of the future, three friends decided to get together to turn that vision into a reality. The three electric sheep have taken years of knowledge acquired in the enterprise technology space (in particular associated with high volume transaction processing) and used it to benefit hundreds of millions of businesses and their customers.

Frank Stranges
P: 0419311681
W: www.snap-it-up.net/


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