Monday, November 18th, 2013

Holding no fears for anything and driving forward with “guts and determination” those are the forces which propelled Peter Mack – The New London Man – into business success and his latest achievement, becoming the new insider at – Australia’s premier fashion portal.


There is no doubt about it, Peter Mack is a phenomenon.  His burning desire and entrepreneurship has seen him span the international stage and he now boasts bases in London, Melbourne Auckland, Paris and New York City.


While the ordinary may suit the rest of us it is the extraordinary which courses through the veins of Peter Mack. How can it be any different for someone whose life is dominated by one-way travel with a couple of passports in his back pocket? Can there be anything ordinary about a man who has leapt from first floor apartments in Portugal with his suitcase and wallet, staged photo-shoots in New York’s super storms and then discovered models on Facebook and shot them in a tough Parisian neighbourhood?


That physical toughness and courage, linked with his mental agility and creative ability led to Peter Mack launching his own range of high quality, tailored and fitted tee-shirts at And if his life hadn’t been unorthodox enough already the whole concept was planned on the back of a napkin in a café in Earls Court, London.


From that somewhat bizarre beginning his fashion/business empire now stretches across oceans and has led to his latest achievement, being invited onto the pages of the prestigious


The question now is: “What next for Peter Mack?” We shall all have to hold our collective breaths and see.




Peter Mack can be contacted at [email protected]


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