Thursday, March 11th, 2010
Both the major parties trying to position themselves as the underdog in the State Election is a political ploy designed to scare voters and attract sympathy, according to Henrietta Child, the Independent Candidate for Cheltenham.

"These underdog declarations are barking mad," Ms Child said. “Only those of us outside the major parties know what 'underdog status' really means.

“I hope no-one will let this insanity distract them from the real underdogs in this election."

Ms Child says that it's the ordinary people like the people in safe seats like Cheltenham, who have been ignored time and time again by the political process.

"They know what it’s really like to be at the bottom of the pack,” she said.

“However,” she added, “the good news for us low slung canines is that it is going to be a tight election.

“It is looking increasingly likely that Independents could end up holding the balance of power.

"This would be an opportunity for me to deliver a tremendous result for the Cheltenham electors. At last they could be in a position to undo some of the terrible wrongs they have suffered in recent years. I don't know if it's too late to save the racecourse, but I am sure this outcome would be our best chance.

"Not to mention retaining the beautiful St Clair Recreation Park for the people of Woodville.”

In the meantime, it seems likely the big guys will just keep barking.

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Henrietta Child

Henrietta Child is a long time resident of Woodville North. She is a business owner and employer and the mother of three teenage children. In her professional life, Henrietta has built her own business, KneeDeep a company that specialises in building project management and leadership capability in organisations. She has a profound conviction about working with people to develop their skills, and achieve their best. She is an experienced and entertaining trainer and has worked for many years in the Information Technology Industry and in Management and Leadership Development. Much of her work in the last 10 years has been with fast growth technology and creative companies who need help to organise for growth. Henrietta describes herself as a political moderate, but on the whole she is more interested in how the political process affects communities than in any particular ideology. She strongly believes we should all challenge ourselves to step up when needed if there is a chance we can make a difference. It is this belief that has motivated her to run for Independent for the State seat of Cheltenham, an electorate which she describes as neglected and ignored.
Henrietta Child
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