Thursday, March 11th, 2010
Lazy real estate agents are costing home sellers thousands of dollars, according to Australia’s leading home stagers Charyn and Kate Youngson.

The mother and daughter team, whose Adelaide-based company Houses To Impress is in huge demand by vendors looking for that added advantage come sales times, say too many real estate agents are in for the quick sale and are not prepared to work at getting the premium price.

“Our clients say to us over and over again how frustrated they are with their agents.” Charyn says. “The number one piece of advice many agents give is to ‘sell as is’, which is ridiculous advice unless you want to achieve bargain basement prices.

“Selling as is, that’s just not an option. You wouldn’t go to a job interview ‘as is’ and you wouldn’t sell your car without giving it a wash so why would you sell your house ‘as is’? If you put a bit of time and effort – and it often doesn’t require much at all – you can literally add many thousands of dollars to the sale price.

“It is rife through the industry and everyone we meet has a story to tell about a real estate lazy agent they know. I’m not into bashing real estate agents. There are good ones around for sure but those agents who tell you to sell ‘as is’ are just after a quick sale so they can move on to the next one.

“Many agents know about the good services available but just don’t recommend them because they are playing a numbers game and they’re not making your house a priority.”

Charyn says cost-effective techniques are available to help home owners increase the value of their property and the good real estate agents use them. If they don’t, she says, they’re not genuine. In their new book Sold For Top Dollar, Charyn and Kate feature a chapter on how to choose a good agent who works for you.

Further information, contact Charyn and Kate Youngson at Houses To Impress on 08 8395 1144 or Shane McNally at Soapbox Media on 0412 956 615.

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