Friday, November 15th, 2013

Roy Morgan Research CEO Michele Levine this week presented the latest State of the Nation Report with a Spotlight on Media to industry professionals in Sydney and Melbourne.

The Spotlight on Media examines, reveals and predicts the trends that have overhauled the way all different types of Australians use traditional and new media, and refocuses media measurement on these consumers—rather than just metrics—to quantify reach and value.

Key Insights:

  • In the new media landscape, the standard audience metrics—from TARPs to clicks to time spent—are at once overly complex and insufficient.
  • The rapid diversification (and intersection) of media consumption is too intricate to be understood by the old metrics alone. It required a new focus: make consumers the focal unit and their true individual value the new currency.
  • Today, consumers are in charge. They can increasingly obtain the content they want, when they want, in the form they want. So it is right to make the consumer the central media metric. We need to know not just what, when and how they consume media—but who they are.
  • Roy Morgan Research has developed streamlined profiling models that give media owners, buyers and advertisers the coherent and efficient means to define the real value of media consumers.  
  • The internet is, in many way, not really a new medium at all, and therefore not an enemy to traditional media. Television, radio, cinema, newspapers and magazines are forms of content that are co-opted and modified by new digital technologies, but not replaced.  
  • However new business models will need to examine the different values different consumers put on the price, delivery, quantity and quality of content.  
  • Some people will gladly pay to have all available content at home and on hand. Some people will gladly pay to avoid advertising. Some people will pay for depth and quality, others for range and flexibility. Some will source free content because they believe they’re entitled to it, others because that’s what they can afford.   
  • There is no such thing as a general audience. Every audience comprises multiple, niche and nuanced audiences that, despite ending up viewing the same station, or the same newspaper or magazine, or the same website or app, are identifiably distinct.
  • Values Segments, Technology Adoption Segments, and Helix Personas are crucial lenses through which to evaluate media consumption in the new era.  

For more information or to interview Michele Levine, CEO Roy Morgan Research, please contact: 

Vaishali Nagaratnam
Office: (03) 9224 5309
Mobile: 0402 700 258
[email protected]

Attached image: Roy Morgan Research CEO Michele Levine presenting the State of the Nation Spotlight on Media to media and industry professionals in Melbourne on Friday morning, November 15. 

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