Friday, November 15th, 2013

Phil Rankine and Amity Dry, the winners of the Block Allstars, are featured in a series of new TVCs for Sharpe-ERS, shot on location in a house crying out for repairs and help. Sharpe is a home services company, with electrical, air care, heating, plumbing, solar and refrigeration rounding out their list of services.  This is the company’s first foray into TV advertising.

Dellow Marketing, the advertising agency that created and produced the concept, believes the Sharpe brand will benefit greatly from its association with the popular duo.

Agency principal Kym Dellow says: "The TVCs feature the couple in real life situations that we can all relate to.  How many times does the man of the house get asked to fix the sink - only to attempt to do it themselves with disastrous outcomes?

"After causing much damage, cost and time, we all come to the realisation that we need professional help by trained, qualified people. This is where the association of Sharpe with Phil and Amity helps to solve the time-honoured solution with the slogan ‘Get Smart, Get Sharpe’.”

Dellow believes good creative does not come about by accident or from a bunch of creatives running around bouncing quotes off each other until one sticks. (As portrayed many times in the Madmen series, which is "closer to the truth than many ad people would like to admit".)

“It comes from understanding and getting to know the product combined with the advertiser’s needs.  Then the hard part is to find a new slant on the tried and true. “

In this case, Dellow found the right people to fit the criteria, a factor which is paramount to the future of the campaign: "In Phil and Amity, we not only have a couple who are admired and loved by the public and are household names, they are true professionals who helped make the whole process natural – all the campaign ingredients just work."

The DIY stars also add their special brand of humour to make the viewing process pleasurable.  

“Humour is hard to sustain in a TVC situation of repetitive viewing over a period of time to brand and convey the message clearly to the customer,” Dellow says.

Jeremy Hiil Brooks of Merging Media was the editor of choice to pull the scenes together.  Isaac Walgos from 8th Street Productions, an accomplished cinematographer, captured the images using Red Digital Cinema cameras for the best possible picture quality and applications.

“Sharpe believed in the final outcome, which played an important role in its success,” Dellow says.  “All through the process they were willing to go along with suggestions and innovations to make the TVCs stand out.  They had the faith that we all knew how to deliver something that in the end has exceeded all of our expectations.”

Kym Dellow can be contacted on [email protected] or 08 8363 1575


Advertiser Sharpe: ERS
Advertising Agency: Dellow Marketing
Producer: Kym Dellow
Talent: Amity Dry and Phil Rankine
Scripts and creative concepts: Kym Dellow
Voiceover: Tony Pilkington
Post Production: Merging Media
Location production: I Group
Cinematographer: Isaac Walgos
Camera Assist , Grip , lighting:  Michael Tessari
Location Sound: Morgan Davies
Makeup: Sonia Brooks

The ads can be viewed at - see below for "Plumbing".


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