Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

University of Adelaide Vice-Chancellor and President, Professor Warren Bebbington, welcomed the announcement of a review of the demand driven system for student enrolments announced today by Education Minister the Hon Christopher Pyne MP.
“We are entering the third year of the demand-driven system, so it should now be possible to see from evidence if it is achieving its aims and if its enormous cost has been worthwhile,” said Professor Bebbington.
Earlier this year, Professor Bebbington called for a review of the system: “What (is) needed was a review of how the uncapped system was travelling, a readiness to consider whether it has achieved its goals, and a willingness to change if it was shown to be failing,” he said.
“With careful thought, better and much less costly ways to lift participation of low SES students than simply uncapping enrolments could have been developed.
“Throwing open the doors to all and sundry was never going to be a sustainable, quality solution.
“The University of Adelaide’s strategic direction of quality over growth will ensure that the calibre of our teaching combined with a unique learning experience will continue to attract the best and brightest students,” he said.
Professor Bebbington supported the appointment of respected higher education review leaders, the Hon. Dr David Kemp and Mr Andrew Norton from the Grattan Institute.
“My hope is that the scope of the review will be wide enough to recommend other, less expensive ways of supporting disadvantaged access more effectively, and achieving - not just more students entering university but more graduating,” said Professor Bebbington. 
“Including an expert higher education analyst like Andrew Norton on the review panel gives me confidence this will be done well."

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