Monday, November 11th, 2013

Step into Life Broadbeach who offer personal training on the Gold Coast has recently written and released a free guide to help Gold Coast locals called ‘The 5 mistakes people make when they look for a way to keep fit and how to avoid them ...’

Cat Driscoll owner and Gold Coast personal trainer at Step into Life Broadbeach says,

“Too often I have people coming to me after not ending up with the results they wanted. They’ve had poor advice and have ended up doing excise that just doesn’t suit them.

With all the training options out there on the Gold Coast it’s hard to know what is right, that’s why I’ve developed this guide to help people find a training style that will suit them, their lifestyle and help them reach their goals.

Step into Life Broadbeach have been operating at Broadbeach State School on the Gold Coast for over 6 years. They offer group outdoor personal training on the Gold Coast and are backed by Step into Life the number 1 group outdoor personal training provider in Australia.

Cat continued …

“The best way for people to be healthier and stay healthly is to find a way to keep fit that they enjoy, that suits their lifestyle and that will help them reach their goals. The guide includes advice on finding the right style of training, setting and session times, identifies the most effective and efficient training to attain your goals and much more.”

You can get your free copy of Step into Life Broadbeach’s guide ‘The 5 mistakes people make when looking to get fit and how to avoid them …’ at their website  

Also as an extra gift Step into Life Broadbeach is offering a voucher for 3 free group personal training sessions with the guide so you can see if group outdoor personal training on the Gold Coast would suit you.

You can contact Step into Life Broadbeach on 0404 488 781.



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Step into Life Broadbeach

Step into Life Broadbeach has been helping locals lead a healthier fitter lifestyle for many years. We are personal trainers that believe in training outdoors. I took over ownership of Step into Life Broadbeach because I’ve always loved helping people and saw this as a way to help people with one of the most important things, their health. We offer our members many different training times and styles so they have variety and the best chance to reach their fitness goals. The group training sessions are affordable and our trainers hold the members accountable making sure you get to the training you have invested in. Call Cat on 0404 488 781 or visit our website to take advantage of our Free training guide and a voucher for three free training sessions with Step into Life Broadbeach so you can start training today!

Cat Driscoll
M: 0404 488 781


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