Friday, November 8th, 2013

"TO SHOE OR NOT TO SHOE?" this is the question that the newly released documentary, From Outback to Racetrack aims to engage with the audience. 


Director Andrew Del Vecchio and Barefoot Horse exponents farrier, Jeremy Ford and endurance rider, Jen Clingly highlight the relevance of the wild horse horses to our domestic equines. 


Jeremy once a farrier, one who shoes horses, follows his heart to the outback of Australia to re confirm his knew found belief that horses do not need metal shoes.


“The film looks at the wild horse environments, and how the horse lives successfully in the wild. From outback wild brumbies in the heart of Australia, Jeremy works his way to the racetracks of lush Tasmania and highlights what can be done to have fitter, faster, healthier horses.

“ Explains co-producer Jen Clingly “On his journey he visits station owners at the fringes of the Simpson Desert to representatives from many disciplines of equestrian disciplines and industries, including the racing industry. Ultimately, the benefits of introducing the wild horse habitats and practices into the domestic horse situation are demonstrated in real life scenarios and the results are surprising and insightful. “


Director Andrew Del Vecchio says “The film was shot in 2005 to 2007 and finished in early 2008 where it was shown at Equitana in Melbourne as a rough cut. We have been wanting to re narrate and do a couple of other things, but alas time and resources are scarce so we have this copy and for now we have decided we will release it, as is. It is an important document and a very good film, full of good information for all horse owners and horse lovers”   


The Film is available on Vimeo’s Video on Demand for a weekly rent $ 4.99 or purchase for $9.99.

visit the link below for the trailer! 

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