Thursday, November 7th, 2013

On the 9th of November, Choice Migration’s leading expert on migration visas Mofid Bebawy will be conducting a seminar at the JW Marriott in Chandigarh, India, on the variety of visas and sub-visas available to Indian citizens…

The Australian Bureau of Statistics has concluded that the number of Indian citizens migrating to Australian between 2001 and 2011 has risen by 12.7%. This increased number has encouraged organisations, such as Choice Migration, to help interested Indian citizens to migrate safely to Australia. Choice Migration has been helping people migrate to Australia for many years and as such have developed a collection of highly resourceful information on the development and implementation of migration law and policies.

‘There are many different visa options available for Indian citizen of various economical and professional backgrounds that can grant them safe travel to and from Australia, for short and long periods of time,’ – Said Leading Expert Mofid Bebawy.

Indian citizens can explore their educational and/or business desires with the use of a properly applied migration visa…

 ‘Australian visas aim to bring those of a business and educational persuasion, in order to enrich and further establish multiculturalism within our society,’ –Mofid Bebawy said.

Business visas, such as the Employer sponsored visa, give Indian citizens the opportunity to experience Australian business with a trusted Australian Employer; while the gold ticket scheme can fast track high income earners entry into Australia.

Finding the correct visa can make the transition into Australia simple and give Indian citizens the opportunity to apply for permanent residency in the future…

Many migration visa options give applicants the opportunity to apply for permanent residency after their visa has run its course. Finding the correct visa for your business or educational endeavour is made easy with Choice Migrations Informative seminar in Chandigarh. Mofid Bebawy will be conducting the seminar in Chandigarh on the 9th of November at the Hotel JW Marriott Sector 35, with a 10 am start. Anyone who is interested in migrating to Australia for business and/or study purposes are more than welcome to join the seminar.

Mofid Bebawy has been specialising in migration for many years, and has an office In Australia, Hangzhou and Beijing.  For more about his seminar in Chandigarh call his Chandigarh office on 0172 4624 123, visit his website


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Mofid Bebawy is the Senior Executive Tax Manager at Choice Migration with many years of experience in providing Accounting, Tax and Migration advice.  Mofid Bebawy offers a great depth of knowledge in accounting, many years of experience, management skills and professionalism which will allow for all his clients to experience a superior service quality for all accounting needs. Mofid Bebawy is very familiar and up-to date with all the current Australian legislations and takes the time to help potential immigrants with business and personal visa options that suit their migration needs.  Mofid Bebawy can help you lodge a visa application and organise the necessary paperwork to help your transition to Australia as smooth and stress free as possible.


Mofid Bebawy
P: +61 7 5571 0456
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