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On the 2nd of November, Choice Migrations expert Mofid Bebawy will be conducting a seminar at 28 Hushu South Road, JW Marriott Hotel, Hangzhou and will be discussing the latest news on Chinese migration and applying for visas…

The rules and regulations for migrating to Australia are constantly changing and with new laws it can be difficult for those outside Australia to keep up to date with all the changes. That is why Choice Migration’s Mofid Bebawy will be hosting a Migration Seminar on the 2nd of November in Hangzhou for those interested in migrating to Australia. Mofid Bebawy understands that finding the proper channels through which to migrate can be difficult but there are a variety of visas out there that can be easily obtained for the right person or family.

Mr Bebawy has a particular interest in family visas and is dedicated to educating potential migrants of the options available to them in order to get themselves and their families safely to Australia.

“Family Migration Visas allow family units to apply for residency in Australia. Part of my passion is helping these families remain together throughout their journey to our country.” – Mofid Bebawy

Family visas come in a range of sub-visas that include:

•        Spouse Visa

•        Prospective Marriage Visa

•        Interdependency Visa

•        Child Visas

•        Parent Visas

•        Other

Mofid Babawy offers a great depth in knowledge in all types of family migration visas such as partner visas, child visas and parent visas which then branch out into more specified visas.

“Depending on a client’s connection to their relative I can help steer them to the correct visa for smoother application. For example if you are newly engaged I would suggest a Prospective Marriage visa.” – Mofid Bebawy

Mofid Bebawy is an expert on migration visas and is dedicated to helping those who wish to experience the Australian culture through proper channels…

Mofid Bebawy is a member of the MIA Migration Institute of Australia and not only specialises in migration but has a well-respected and knowledgeable history in other services such as and not limited to accounting, taxation, business structuring, superannuation, tax planning strategies, international tax advice, negative gearing and BSA reviews.

To find out more about family visas and other migration visas to Australia you can attend the seminar for more information. The Hangzhou seminar will start at 2pm and will be held at 28 Hushu South Road, JW Marriott Hotel Hangzhou. Mr Bebawy will also be conducting another seminar on the 9th of November in Chandigarh, India.

Mofid Bebawy has been specialising in migration for many years, and has an office In Australia, Hangzhou and Beijing.  For more about what Mofid can do for you, or to book a comprehensive consultation with Mofid Bebawy, visit our website or visit our Facebook, Twitter and LinkedIn to stay up-to-date.


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Mofid Bebawy is the Senior Executive Tax Manager at Choice Migration with many years of experience in providing Accounting, Tax and Migration advice.  Mofid Bebawy offers a great depth of knowledge in accounting, many years of experience, management skills and professionalism which will allow for all his clients to experience a superior service quality for all accounting needs. Mofid Bebawy is very familiar and up-to date with all the current Australian legislations and takes the time to help potential immigrants with business and personal visa options that suit their migration needs.  Mofid Bebawy can help you lodge a visa application and organise the necessary paperwork to help your transition to Australia as smooth and stress free as possible.


Mofid Bebawy
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