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 A small group of Sydney women have achieved remarkable feats of saving energy in a unique pilot project run by 1 Million Women.

 Outcomes from the pilot will be revealed at a special FREE public event, the ‘Women Power Summit’, at the Lower Sydney Town Hall tomorrow morning from 9.30-11.30am (Wednesday, October 30th).

 Participants will share their stories of where they discovered energy waste in their homes, and how they slashed weekly power use.

 1 Million Women challenged 10 women householders to cut their electricity use by a minimum of 20%*, the amount Australian households typically waste day to day.

 From a makeup artist renting an apartment in Surry Hills with energy-guzzling flat mates, to a fulltime working mother of two in Rose Bay, an artist living alone in Elizabeth Bay, a mother and father with one daughter in a small flat in Potts Point, and a family of five in a luxury waterfront apartment - the 10 very different women have taken on the challenge to reduce their energy. 

During the trial, the women implemented a range of energy saving measures at home such as turning off lights and standby power, rethinking use of certain electrical gadgets and changing energy wasting habits that had become a daily practice.

Some participants exceeded the project’s wildest expectations, with savings that translate into hundreds of dollars a year each:

  • Lisa – a couple with one daughter in a small flat in Potts Point achieved a 51% reduction
  • Liz – two adults and two children in a terrace house in Centennial Park achieved a 56% reduction
  • Nicole – family of five in a luxury modern apartment in Woolloomooloo cut electricity use by 66%
  • Katie – working couple in a terrace home in Camperdown who already prided themselves on sustainability know-how still saved 40%
  • Michelle – shares a home with two other business professionals in Surry Hills and has engaged her housemates in energy saving, with a 62% reduction
  • Tara – 1 Million Women co-CEO and her husband and three teenage children, in a free-standing house in Randwick also achieved a 62% cut by tackling ‘all the little things’


These are just some of the great stories from our pilot project that will be shared at our free summit, and every participant has a different story to tell.

1 Million Women is a national community of women who are leading practical action on climate change through the way they live and their everyday spending choices.

Founder and CEO Natalie Isaacs, a mother of four and former cosmetics industry entrepreneur, said that 1 Million Women was committed to cutting waste and pollution in our daily lives, which means saving money, like reducing electricity bills.

‘1 Million Women has empowered our 10 very different women in 10 very different households to become super savers. This is real behaviour change at its absolute best, with results that translate into saving pollution and money.

‘We’ve calculated that if a million women householders cut 20% of their electricity consumption, it would collectively save them $240 million a year off their bills and remove the need for 400 megawatts of coal-fired power generation, which is like two small power stations.

‘If every one of the estimated 1.6 millions households in greater Sydney cut by 20%, the shared yearly savings would be about $380 million and this would remove the need for a large 600 megawatt coal-fired power station.’**

 “Our Women Power project goes to the heart of what 1 Million Women is all about, which is getting on with practical action to cut waste and pollution in our daily lives through our everyday choices. This project shows how small changes at home can lead to significant efficiency savings.”

The summit features a sensational line-up of speakers and demonstrations all aimed at inspiring energy saving. Supporters include the City of Sydney and its Green Villages program.

Attendance at the summit is free of charge. People can register to attend by emailing [email protected] or get the full invitation and line up at http://ow.ly/q7uUv

 Or on our website - http://www.1millionwomen.com.au/2013/10/19/you-are-invited-to-our-free-women-power-summit/

*Participants’ baselines were measured over one week in July 2013 and then their progress was measured over a week in October (14th-20th). We used billing-quality accurate real-time energy monitors to capture the data.

**Based on 1.6 million households in greater Sydney saving about 20% of the electricity consumption they currently are paying for via their quarterly bills. Assumes that 50% of electricity bills are fixed charges.


FOR MORE INFORMATION OR TO TALK TO NATALIE ISAACS: Contact Annika Stott ([email protected]) 0478 122723 or Sarah Prebble ([email protected]) at 1 Million Women on (02) 92511652


ABOUT 1 MILLION WOMEN: Founded in 2009, we are a national community of women fighting climate change through how we live our daily lives and the everyday choices we make as consumers. We have nearly 83,000 members and over 47,000 on our Facebook.


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1 Million Women’s founding goal is to engage 1 million women to collectively cut 1 million tonnes of greenhouse gas pollution, with each member committing to cut 1 tonne from their daily lives within a year of joining the campaign.

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