Monday, October 28th, 2013
Everywhere you look at the moment, it seems, there's news about the Chinese buying international property. In Australia, Chinese investment is up significantly and lots of Australian property owners are cashing in.

A number of real estate agents are scrambling to hire Chinese speaking staff, and some are using the services of Chinese buyer agents like Esther Yong from AC Property, based in Melbourne.

Yong has an insider's perspective on Chinese property buyers and shared a number of insights on the blog, including information about the type of homes the Chinese like to buy.

"Most Chinese buyers like new properties" says Yong. "Most of the time, even when they are buying established properties, they would much prefer newly built properties which have never been used by anyone before."

The Houseplanology article also features Yong's thoughts about Eastern and Western floor plans and the Chinese interest in Feng Shui. "Feng Shui is definitely vital for most Chinese buyers" she says. "It might be rare that Chinese residential property buyers bring Feng Shui masters during inspections [but] it's not uncommon for Chinese commercial buyers to engage Feng Shui masters before signing any contracts."

As well as practical information, Yong shares interesting anecdotal stories. For these, and further details about AC Property, see

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