Monday, October 28th, 2013

Smoking is becoming scarce among many trendsetting Metrotechs in inner capital cities but Fit and Fab and Social Flyer personas are still lighting up, results from Roy Morgan Research’s new Helix Personas show.

Nationally, around 1 in 5 Australian adults smoke. Over 1 in 4 in the Helix community of Battlers smoke—more than double the rate of the Leading Lifestyles community of high-achieving upper-income families.  

At around 1 in 6, the number of Metrotechs smoking is below the average. However not all of these influential personas are as reluctant to light up. Educated and fashionable Social Flyers (205) are actually marginally more likely to smoke than the national norm thanks to a whopping nearly 1 in 10 who smoke Roll Your Own cigarettes—a level 59% above the Australian average.Rollies are also 15% more popular than average among representatives of New School Cool (203), but this persona’s aversion to Factory Made Cigarettes (16% below average) keeps them below the norm for smoking incidence overall.

The opposite is true for Fit and Fabs (204), a persona of social and outgoing cosmopolitans who disdain loose tobacco but are the only Metrotechs more likely to smoke Factory Made Cigarettes than the average Australian (17.5% to 16%).

And although incidence of cigar-smoking is low (at around 1 in 125 Australians), Metrotechs are among the highest cigar smokers in the country. Quiet Achievers (210) are more than twice as likely as average to smoke cigars, followed closely by Fit and Fabs and Cultural Pioneers (208). Despite a strong distaste for both factory-made and self-rolled cigarettes, Healthy, Wealthy and Wise’s citizens are nevertheless 30% more likely to smoke cigars than the Aussie norm.

Geoffrey Smith, General Manager - Consumer Products, says:

“While there is a clear link between socioeconomic status and smoking incidence, this analysis derived from Roy Morgan’s new Helix Personas profiling tool shows that smoking, in various forms, remains comparatively widespread among different Metrotech personas.

Social Flyers are younger, social trendsetters renting apartments in inner capital cities, and yet their incidence of smoking roll your own cigarettes exceeds many in the older, poorer and often rural Battlers community, including Real Working Class and Rural Families personas.

“In terms of values, lifestyle and demographics, these personas could not be more different, and so government agencies and nicotine replacement companies need to recognise that one size certainly does not fit all when it comes to anti-smoking messages.

“A report released last week by the Government’s National Health Performance Authority identified smoking rates in 61 local Medicare catchments. With Helix Personas, the State and Federal Governments could develop more comprehensive insights into attitudes underpinning smoking rates by the different personas within these areas—surely necessary if they are to achieve their goal of reducing rates below 10% by 2018.”

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