Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

Bundy Time Clock Specialists announce the arrival of new smart time clocks. With features that are set to lead the industry, manufacturer Fingertec claim this is the smartest employee time clock available.
Combining a new look and style of interface with software advances, the FingerTec TA200 is set to change the recording of employee work time. Looking more user-friendly with clean lines, a bigger colour screen and easy to read icons, the machine reads fingerprints as well as proximity cards/tags. For quick-access it offers an on-screen clocking report, plus USB flash disk or network connection to your computer, as well as an SMS feature for employee messages.

Biometrics quickly became the standard for high security access control and the technology was more recently introduced to time and attendance. The new smart time clocks utilise superior semi-conductor technology in a highly sensitive and more reliable fingerprint sensor, suitable for even the most rugged industrial workplaces where impaired skin or atmospheric conditions would otherwise interfere.

The new series of time clocks increase reliability and stability with a new Linux-based platform which is another improvement on former models. Commenting on the release of new powerful time attendance and access control software, Fingertec reports: "TCMS V2.2 ... is running on Visual FoxPro 9 database for an improved speed and larger database capacity. The new version comes with an improved user interface [adding] a fresher look and feel."

The smart clock will be used to eliminate employee time theft, wasted time processing and calculating manual time sheets/cards, and human errors calculating and rounding total work hours.

“Out-dated screens or keypads and clumsy menu systems can’t compare with accurate, ordered information at the click of a button through a truly smart user interface” states David Azzopardi from the Bundy Time Clock Specialists, who has been trialling the new time clocks. “Fingertec's new hardware coupled with their TCMS software improvements make for a truly affordable, fully-featured, easy-to-use system.”

The TA200 is available now (March 2010) online and in store.



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