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As Australia celebrates Citizenship Day, Mofid Bebawy assists potential Indian and Chinese migrants migrate to the ‘lucky country’ 

Australians of all cultures recently celebrated Australian Citizenship Day on September 17 2013. The day marked the unification of global families from over 92 nations, with the addition of some 2250 citizens to the Commonwealth of Australia. 

The celebration, held nation wide, honoured Australian citizens from across the world. Revelling in Australian democratic values and the growing nature of the country, the celebrations came as Migration Specialist Mofid Bebawy announced two upcoming Information Seminars on the 2nd of November in Hangzhou, China and the 9th of November in Chandigarh, India, for potential migrants. Mr Bebawy will be discussing the 457, 186, 187, 188 and 132 visas, which cover business and family migration to Australia.

“The seminars are aimed to inform immigrants on the correct route to take in order to gain citizenship, along with information about the basics of living in Australia after their visa is granted, including housing and potential jobs,” Mr Bebawy said in regards to the seminar.

The seminar is set to commence in Hangzhou, China, at 2pm at 28 Hushu South Road, in the JW Marriott Hotel on the 2nd of November. The following seminar, held in India on the 9th of November, will have a 10am morning start at the JW Marriott Hotel, in India’s Union Territory Chandigarh.  

These seminars can provide information to assist in unifying Indian and Chinese families

Despite the multicultural connotations often associated with Australia, the country’s immigration policies have a reputation for their complexity and consistently changing nature.

“While Australia is often considered a multicultural nation, built upon the foundations of migration, the government’s policies often change and can be difficult to interpret if you are not well versed in immigration procedures,” Mofid Bebawy commented.

Touching on a number of different visa options, Mofid Bebawy will assist Indian and Chinese families and business people in the identification process of the most appropriate visa for each specific situation.

Migration Specialist Mofid Bebawy is set to provide new options for struggling migrants

Discussing the ranging options when it comes to selecting the appropriate visa, Mofid Bebawy is expected to assist a number of people tackling the often-difficult process of immigration. Addressing every stage of the migration process, Mr Bebawy will provide seminar attendees with the information required to migrate in light of the changing Australian Government and the new policies.

Mofid Bebawy has been specialising in migration for many years, and has an office In Australia, Hangzhou, Beijing and Chandigarh, India.  For more about Mofid Bebawy’s Information Seminar in India or China, or to learn more about what Mofid Bebawy can do for you, call our Chandigarh office on 0172 4624 123, our Hangzhou office on 0571 8775 6125, visit his website or visit our Facebook and Twitter to stay up-to-date.


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