Tuesday, March 9th, 2010
‘Independent princesses’ still seek their mothers for advice on most big decisions according to research conducted by experts in marketing to women, SheMarketing.

Either single women aged 28 to 49 years no children, or married women aged 36 to 49 years with no children, Independent Princesses invite their mum’s to be involved in big decisions and value her contribution. According to SheMarketing founder, Amanda Stevens, this stems from the fact they are very conscious of and desire her approval on how they choose to lead their lives, with many recognising over time, just how similar to their mum they have become.

“We have regular discussion groups with this segment and we consistently hear that despite being financially independent from their mothers, these women still value their mum’s opinion on anything from stain removal to purchasing a car.”

According to 39 year-old married Independent Princess, Kate , a mother’s opinion overrides internet advice.

‘From cooking a meal to what do I use to get this off the carpet? I turn to my mum a lot. Those sorts of things I can always count on mum and I would value it over the internet. Why go to 'ask.com' when I can ask my mum,’ she said.

According to Ms Stevens, all Independent Princesses acknowledge the influence their mother’s have on them on a range of matters. This is evident in certain products they purchase, how they manage their finances and relationship advice.

‘Her influence is strong even with really silly things like tuna or the same sauce or what washing powder I should use,’ says Kate.

Independent Princesses, particularly those living out of home, make a concerted effort to spend quality time with their mum.

‘We do lunch and coffee a lot. If I go out and visit mum I’ll stay overnight so I can sit down and have a bottle of wine, dad will go to bed and then mum and I will stay up and get online and surf the net and then we’ll wake up the next morning and have breakfast and go shopping,’ says 29 year-old singleton, Sarah.

Stevens says celebrating the mother-daughter relationship should be paramount this International Women’s Day.

“With the rise of the independent and ‘selfish’ Gen Y, it’s refreshing to see research that reveals the family bond is as strong as ever. International Women’s Day focuses on all of women’s wonderful accomplishments, and a society that fosters healthy life-long relationships between mother and daughter should be top on the list of the things we celebrate.”

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