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What is the most desirable postcode in Australia? People are embracing the opportunity to promote their town name or location with Postcode Stickers on their cars, leading to a surge in local patriotism. 


People either love or hate putting stickers on the back of their cars. Like any consumer product, the popularity of stickers fluctuates through trends, fads or cycles. Do you remember the Oakley ‘O’ Thermonuclear Protection stickers in the ‘90s? They were a huge hit. The rage then shifted in the early 2000s to the Southern Cross symbol being displayed on cars, or the ubiquitous frangipani sticker being adorned on windscreens across the country.

People just love to put stickers on their cars. With over 13 million passenger vehicles or cars registered in Australia, over 55% of cars in Australia have a sticker affixed to the back window (study carried out in NSW and Victoria on over 600 cars).


NewsExpress Business Performance Manager,  Jennifer Searle ,  has said “We see stickers as a great impulse product, many stores within our group have enjoyed excellent additional sales in this category.”

Why do people put stickers on their cars? Humans have a natural desire to form and join social groups.  These groups give us our social identity, which contributes to our sense of self. Some people like to promote their group by sticking it on the back of their car.

Postcode produce stickers displaying Postcode numbers and town names for anywhere in Australia. Postcode Stickers Director, Carlo Lowdon, states “People love to be a part of a community, and it gives people everywhere the chance to ‘own their town’ and publicly take pride in their communities. It’s like a secret way of communicating what town you are from, that only people from that area will recognise. When you see your Postcode on the back of another car, you get a good feeling and associate with that person.”

Coastal Stickers also make town name stickers for travellers. Their latest ranges of stickers carry the slogan, “I holidayed in Australia.” There are also collectable souvenir versions of the sticker for Sydney, Melbourne, Great Barrier Reef, Pertth and the Gold Coast.

The hunt is on for the most popular Postcode Sticker in Australia. Become part of the movement, order your custom made stickers from e3 Products today.

For more information contact Carlo Lowdon, [email protected],  0419 405 158

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