Tuesday, March 9th, 2010

“Whether it is in the real world or in movies like Avatar, interpreters and translators play an important role in crossing cultural boundaries.” said Jean Deklerk, Treasurer of the AUSIT 2010 Biennial National Conference.

This year Fremantle is the venue for the Biennial National Conference of the Australian Institute of Interpreters and Translators on November 5 and 6.

“We are really excited that Professor Paul Frommer, creator of the language of the Na’vi people in Avatar will come to Fremantle to tell us about his translating experiences. Avatar already has a connection to Perth through actor Sam Worthington so it is fitting to build on this.”

A flurry of language experts will converge in Fremantle for learning, networking and good communication.

It really isn’t too far fetched to have an alien language creator speak at our conference. As yet, translators aren’t required to go to faraway planets to interpret for blue aliens for their work, but they do encounter similar issues no matter what language they speak.
Australia is multicultural and we need to maintain a high standard of interpreting and translating for our community. Professional interpreting and translation are the key to crossing the language barrier.

Interpreting and translating are absolutely critical professional skills that need to be maintained and developed. As space travel improves, who knows where and when they will required. We haven’t had any Na’vi register to date. We are currently seeking sponsors for our conference.
Conference website : www.ausitconference.org
Media spokesperson: Tea Dietterich. E?mail: [email protected] Phone: 0417 983 076.
Conference inquiries: Jean Deklerk. E?mail: [email protected] Phone: 0430 650 494.

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