Friday, October 18th, 2013

·      Rowland is Australia’s #1 Largest Independent PR agency

·      F4 Consulting wins #1 “fast growth” PR agency

·      Australian independent PR sector = 50% PR revenue in Aust


In the PR Report’s 1st annual report ranking Australia’s Top Independent PR agencies by revenue, category (eg, health PR) and fastest growing:

·       Rowland is the largest independently owned PR agency in Australia

·       Australian owned independent PR Agencies now 50% of market value (by revenue)


Commenting on this year’s rankings, Glen Frost, Publisher, The PR Report, said: “This report celebrates the home grown PR talent – that is, PR agencies that are wholly owned by Australian based Directors. Many PR agencies in Australia have full, substantial or minority shareholdings by overseas based agencies or holding groups; these agencies are not part of this survey.”

Frost added: “Over time The PR Report wants to track the percentage of revenue that is earned by the multinational and part foreign owned agencies versus the Australian owned independent PR agencies. We calculate that the independent Australian PR agencies bill 50% of the revenue in Australia.”

“The independent PR sector deserves more recognition, and The PR Report’s top independent agency rankings is designed to showcase great business acumen by Australian independent PR agencies.”


“In addition, the other top trends in the sector are:

1.     New PR agencies are thriving. The PR agency sector is exciting, dynamic and fast moving. The Fast Growth PR agency category shows talented people are able to start and grow their agencies. New PR agencies are doing very well in terms of winning new clients and boosting top line revenue in their first and second year in business.

2.     PR agency sector offers great variety. Buyers of PR services in Australia have a great variety of PR agencies to select from when hiring an agency. There is choice, and buyers should know what choices are available.

3.     Competition is keen. The total number of independent PR agencies shows the sector is strong and Australia is not in danger of being overwhelmed by the big multinational PR firms. Yes, there are price pressures because the market is very competitive, but buyers of PR services should appreciate that this competition delivers great value for money.


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