Wednesday, October 16th, 2013

Acronis® today announced the release of Acronis Storage, a software-defined storage solution for archiving large volumes of data in the cloud. Multiple users, each with petabytes of data, can now stream to this fully automated, carrier-grade, elastic and resilient storage system.


According to IDC, data volumes globally will grow 50 times by the year 2020 to reach 6.6 zetabytes and 40 percent of all data will be stored and processed in the cloud. With Acronis Storage, organisations can meet increasing archiving and backup storage demands with better performance and significantly lower cost than large cloud providers like Amazon.


Laura DuBois, program vice president for IDC's storage systems, software and solutions research offerings, said: "As the lines between hardware, software and the cloud become increasingly blurred, Acronis Storage exploits innovative new software-defined storage capabilities that change the economics for service providers. The new offering from Acronis enables highly reliable cloud-based backup solutions using much less costly storage infrastructure."


Co-founder and new Acronis CEO Serguei Beloussov is bringing his knowledge of cloud services gained from more than ten years as the CEO of Parallels® to Acronis. Enterprises and service providers previously had to provision expensive storage capacity for logging, archiving and backup. With Acronis Storage, organisations now can significantly lower their costs while achieving high levels of reliability and scalability. Acronis Storage provides full, automated redundancy of data to prevent data loss and unplanned system downtime.


Lance Crosby, CEO at Softlayer Technologies, said: "Taking Storage Management and Deployment to the software layer is the only way to create professional, scalable tools to drive a storage as-a-service business. Acronis is well known for its in-depth backup knowledge, so its step towards the software defined storage market for Backup and Archiving makes great sense."

Jan-Jaap Jager, CEO of intergenia, a leading provider of web hosting solutions, said: "Not only has Acronis Storage allowed us to operate a large-scale, robust and flexible cloud backup solution, it has completely changed the cost structure of storage. The solution is totally software-based, creating high-grade storage on commodity hardware. It saves 60 percent or more capacity overhead for complete data redundancy.”

Based on a proven technology used for many years in Acronis’ own cloud storage centres, Acronis Storage optimises:


·         Reliability. Traditional storage systems don’t consider broken storage disks or nodes as part of their protection area, resulting in unnoticed disk failures and, ultimately, data inconsistency. Acronis Storage self-healing data management technology ensures that the data remains protected and functional.

?       Scalability. Linear scaling in both capacity and number of simultaneous users is critical as organisations attempt to get ahead of user demands.  60 percent of companies surveyed by Aberdeen Group cite “meeting the increasing demands for storage” as their top IT concern. Acronis Storage technology addresses this problem, while radically simplifying the complexity of managing increasing loads. Acronis Storage easily scales to meet the current storage needs of customers, while also providing a flexible, future-proofed storage solution to accommodate growth.


?       Efficiency. Acronis Storage is able to use a mix of any industry standard storage components, and provide, through software, the appropriate redundancy and configurations to deliver a high-value, high-reliability, scalable storage solution.


Andy Purvis, General Manager ANZ for Acronis, said:  “We're offering an innovative solution based on proven technology for companies that want to run IT as a Service. This is a major focus area for us and we will continue to add advanced features. Acronis has been a trusted name in data backup and disaster recovery for a dozen years. Acronis Storage extends our data management and data protection leadership to new heights.”


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