Monday, October 14th, 2013

Today, Rhian Allen, Founder of Lose Baby Weight & The Healthy Mummy is proud to announce the launch of The Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD.

Allen says, “Trying to fit exercise into your day when you are a busy mum can be a challenge. At The Healthy Mummy we understand this challenge and this is why we have created The Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD, which provides safe and effective workouts that you can do in the comfort of your own home.

"The DVD can be followed by all mums (for example new mums or mums with older children) and can be followed by someone with a basic or a more advanced level of fitness with each exercise routine promoting a healthy pelvic floor. The workouts are broken down into 6 routines running for 10 to 15 minutes - each with a convenient timer.”

Lisa Westlake, a leading physiotherapist and postnatal fitness expert – as well as being one of the most awarded fitness professional in Australia - is the fitness instructor throughout the DVD. With her extensive physiotherapy experience and qualifications Lisa is the perfect fitness instructor to bring The Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD to life.

As well as assisting in the improvement of a mums overall fitness levels, the workouts in the DVD will also help in the burning of calories, the improvement of fitness levels, the reduction in body fat, the improvement of core strength and the strengthening of the pelvic floor.

The six workouts are broken down into 10 and 15 minute sections that a mum can do when it suits her  – or if she has the time and energy the DVD can be done as one 70 minute continuous workout. The Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD also covers special considerations post-birth, such as caesarean sections, back strains, muscle separation, incontinence and pelvic floor issues and is a must watch for all new mums in order to avoid injury.

Kat Brown, a mum of 4 kids, has lost 16kg using The Healthy Mummy products and after using the DVD says, “As a mum of 4 kids under 5 some days can be a bit time poor for me and I can struggle to fit in any exercise, well not anymore thanks to this amazing Healthy Mummy DVD.

"I love that the exercises are broken down into 10 or 15 minute sections (which is totally manageable and I really feel that burn!!) Plus, after 4 babies and countless pamphlets of information about how to care for my pelvic floor finally here is some easy to understand information AND exercises!

"I have so many workout DVD’s sitting in my cupboard that the instructors suck or go too fast or it’s not the right exercise to target my baby body but this is!! I love it!!”


The Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD is available online now and for $39.99


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The Healthy Mummy is the range of products and brand which is used on the Lose Baby Weight plans and includes The Healthy Mummy Smoothie, The Healthy Mummy Calorie Bible, The Healthy Mummy Spring & Summer Cookbook, The Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD, The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan and it also has its own stand alone website and support system for mums wanting to improve their health and lifestyle.
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Lose Baby Weight

Lose Baby Weight offers safe and healthy weight loss products and plans to help mums lose weight when they feel 100% ready to do so (we do not put pressure on mums to lose weight and only support them to lose weight when they are ready). The plans and products are created by nutritionists and post natal exercise experts and include diet and exercise plans, cook books, exercise DVD's, calorie bibles and meal replacement smoothies plus a huge amount of free online support and content - including over 500 recipes.
Rhian Allen
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