Monday, October 7th, 2013

A new predictive tool by ISD Analytics is revolutionizing the way market research is used to predict human behavior of populations and mass-consumers. The cloud based tool Simulait Online allows clients to build a predictive simulation of their customers which they can then use to test out new sales, targeted marketing, or pricing strategies. The tool builds an accurate model of a large number of consumers by combining detailed demographic data and market research to allow them to better understand their customers, the decisions they will make, and how to influence those decisions.

ISD Analytics CEO Dr Don Perugini said "Market research is valuable, however, many businesses don't know how to convert their market research into better strategic decisions as it tells them what consumers did yesterday but not what they will do tomorrow in light of a changing and complex consumer environment. Many of our clients have made significant investment in market research which provided interesting reading and then just sat on their desk.”

Simulait Online can integrate insights and data from market research into accurate models of a clients' consumer base. Using rules and logic to represent what consumer decisions led to past behavior, Simulait Online provides greater predictability of future behavior when new disruptive events or consumer changes occur. More importantly, it provides a tangible tool to leverage the market research on an ongoing basis, and quantify outcomes of business strategies.

“This gives clients powerful insight into what their consumers are doing day to day, and the decisions they are likely to make when you introduce your new product or campaign. In some cases the models are so accurate that we know what people are going to do before they do".

Simulait Online has been used in a range of industries in Australia, USA and Europe, such as retail, water, energy, transport, Government policy and emergency response.  Achieving over 90% accuracy in predictions, Simulait Online has assisted clients with pricing, marketing, capital planning, forecasting uptake of new and existing products, social and environmental planning/policy, and behavior change.

“Having provided this service to end-users with their existing market research, we are now partnering with market research companies to provide a complementary tool as a value added offering” said Dr Perugini.

For more details, call Dr. Don Perugini at ISD on +61 (0)8 7200 3589, email [email protected], or view the website at

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Predict and influence how people actually behave ISD's Simulait allows you to better predict and influence human behavior at any level from individuals to complete populations, in order to assist with business strategy and Government policy… it’s like a real-life SimCity application! Simulait has been applied to a range of industries globally including water, energy, retail, transport, emergency response, Government policy, and organizational analysis, where it has achieved greater than 90% accuracy in predictions.
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