Monday, October 7th, 2013

miPlan, an online Life Insurance company, has launched a simple, actionable consumer campaign, ‘Small Change’. Created by the Brand X team of post graduate students from RMIT,  the campaign is being run over a four week period as part of an annual partnership between miPlan and RMIT’s graduate marketing program.

Sarah Cabret, a member of the Brand X team responsible for the Small Change campaign believes “Providing everyday content to Facebook users to share and discuss, moves potential new customers into a space where they are receptive to the big question ... What If? We’re excited to be working with miPlan to make a difference. Our goal is to start the conversation with our mothers, sisters and aunts about protecting their family’s future. It’s time to start talking about and understanding life insurance.”

The Brand X team has taken a grass roots approach to engage with Australians living on the east coast. Information on free activities and low cost alternatives speaks volumes to mums looking for ways to create quality weekend family time, on a budget. The Small Change Campaign aims to encourage the household budgeter to put small change aside every day to be able to afford monthly, life insurance payments.

Stephen Handley, Founder and CEO at miPlan strives to make life insurance accessible. “This campaign successfully highlights that ‘small change’, makes life insurance affordable without significantly impacting the weekly budget".

Building understanding that life insurance is affordable and achievable is the core driver of the Small Change Campaign. “Australia ranks 16th out of developed nations for Life Insurance penetration, 95% of Australian families don’t have adequate cover and 1 in 5 will suffer from an unexpected accident, sickness or death of a parent. We need to ensure these realities are not swept under the carpet. That’s where Brand X comes in, we encourage those mum’s to buy ‘peace of mind’” said Ms Cabret.

The short but engaging Small Change Campaign is running for four weeks on Facebook with all other online platforms driving traffic to the page. After providing the customer with simple, clear, easy to understand information miPlan will take the reins and provide a free quote, online, via the Facebook Small Change Campaign page, right there and then. Visitors are also able to apply for cover directly online in less than 10 minutes.

Ms Cabret points out that “talking directly to the family influencer, addressing their need to buy only what they can afford and recognising that worry in the back of their minds, ‘How would we cope without a regular income - should anything happen?’,  is timely”.

Alycia Bray for Brand X supports the Small Change Campaign, “You buy your first car, you buy a house, you have a baby and you buy life insurance. Let’s get Australians, our friends and our family thinking it is just another thing on your life’s to do list. It’s simple!”

“We know Brand X will create positive brand equity for miPlan with this campaign. And who’s Rachel? We all have a friend just like her, and she’s the one that will be most instrumental in creating small change. So on Tuesday when you see her at the local coffee house saying no thanks to another skinny latte, you’ll know it’s because she’s taking action. She’s creating ‘peace of mind’ for her family”.

Stephen Handley, at miPlan is excited about the new campaign too. “Brand X have produced a strong concept in ‘Small Change’… its double-meaning-execution is something I’m particularly interested in following over the four week period”.

Brand X is keen to get the conversation started about life insurance and create quality leads for the miPlan CEO. So, who’s up for some Facebook-ing?

View the campaign on Facebook!/MiSmallChange


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