Monday, October 7th, 2013
Life Insurance company miPlan has collaborated with RMIT Postgraduate Marketers in order to drive sales and heighten brand awareness. Students will leverage social media giant Facebook over the course of four weeks and attempt to maximise the reach of their message. Competing against their peers, the teams will be judged on the success of their online campaign both from a tactical and strategic perspective.

Online Life Insurance company, miPlan, recently launched a new Facebook campaign dubbed ‘Pillowman’. Run by an RMIT Postgraduate Marketing Group, this digital campaign provides an exciting approach to advertising, mixing humour with consequence to highlight the financial risk faced by everyday Australians. The campaign aims to reinforce that there is no need to wrap yourself in cotton wool, as miPlan offers the required security and peace of mind to live life to its greatest potential! 

‘Pillowman’, the primary focus of the campaign, is a beloved, everyday character who is the cornerstone of his family’s welfare. Pillowman’s safety and ability to perform breadwinning duties is of grave concern to his loved ones; so much so, that in a bid to keep him safe from life’s unexpected mishaps, they cover him in pillows. Over the course of the campaign, the audience follows Pillowman’s struggle to endure life, made awkward and cumbersome by his ‘cotton wool’ coating.

The Pillowman campaign employs humour to highlight many risks we are exposed to each day, particularly targeting active men who enjoy sports and the outdoors, and whose welfare (and their family’s) is dependent upon their health and wellbeing.

Through the use of video, distributed primarily through YouTube and Facebook, Pillowman entertains and educates his target market; 25-40 year old parents (current and prospective) whose quality of life is dependent upon their ability to earn an income. Pillowman encourages them to protect their family’s future with personal insurance offered through miPlan.

This campaign utilises incentive based marketing and cross promotion through a collaboration with Geelong and Melbourne based company, Artist Photographer, who specialise in family and child photography. They have generously offered a $2000 Gift Certificate for one lucky winner who enters the draw after completing an online quote with miPlan.

The miPlan Pillowman campaign will run over a 4-week period, during which video content will consistently and strategically be released. In order to receive updates of videos and accompanying content, viewers will need to ‘like’ the Facebook page; (

miPlan’s ‘Pillowman’ campaign aims to resonate with everybody’s inner ‘Pillowman’, and, in doing so, prompt a call to action to protect yourself and your loved ones against life’s unexpected events. 


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