Sunday, October 6th, 2013

Experts in large animal rescue from the UK, USA, NZ, Australia and Thailand are gathering at the University of Adelaide, Roseworthy Campus on the 2nd & 3rd  November for the International Large Animal Rescue Conference.

This is the first time this event has been held in the Southern Hemisphere, bringing new skills & knowledge related to this important emerging field which combines incident management, workplace safety and animal welfare. Four themes are set being Rescue, Animals in Disaster, Livestock Transport and Event Incidents.

Jim Green (UK), Dr Rebecca Gimenez (USA), Dr Ian Dacre (TH) are the three keynote speakers with an extensive list of experienced supporting presenters including Professor Josh Slater (UK via Skype), Professor Christopher Riley & Hayley Squance (NZ) 

Dr Christine Smith, Dr Chris Heislers, Dr Peter Horridge, Dr Mark Peters, Dr Kirrilly Thompson, Anthony Hatch, Maryanne Leighton, David King and Raylene Garwood provide the Australian viewpoint.

 Large Animal Emergency Rescue is the response phase of a natural or man-made disaster, or accident, where specialized training and equipment are required to rescue a large animal such as a horse, alpaca or cow. When an animal is trapped in a hole, by wire, in a road crash or mud – it can easily revert to the inbuilt “fight or flight” responses regardless of the age, training or breed. This especially applies to horses.

Without the skills and knowledge associated with Large Animal Rescue techniques, the animal is likely to become more injured during the rescue than the initial accident caused in the first place. The people rescuing the animal often put themselves at great risk injury or worse, often without realising it. The conference will feature presentations and demonstrations, some involving a life size fully articulated horse recently imported from the UK, affectionately called “Riley”.


Light Regional Council, Resquip and Safety Access & Training Australia are major sponsors.


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Organised by Horse SA, a not for profit community group working for all horse owners. Conference registrations are now open. Further information and registration forms can be found on   


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