Saturday, October 5th, 2013
On October 28th 2013 the Supernatural Seasons 1-8 box set will be released in the Uk on DVD & Blu-ray.  One of the best places (and by best think price) for Australian is to purchase their dvd and blu ray products direct from Amazon Uk.  Amazon are comparatably quite cheap wehn it comes to dvd & blu ray.  So cheap in fact there are many Australians on ebay making quite a  good  profit selling Amazon Uk dvds to unsuspecting Australians if who had googled the title they were after rather than went on to ebay to buy the latest or forthcoming release would save themselves quite a bit of cash.  Go to Australian ebay and search a USA or UK TV series on dvd or blu ray.  99% of them are going to be coming from Amazon.  The point is Amazon are quite cheap and ebay sellers must include paypal and ebay fees into their final prices.  This is money that could stay in your pocket if you cut out the middle man and buy direct from Amazon yourself at least for credit and debit card holders as this is the only payment method amazon accepts from Australians. 

The Supernatural 1-8 box set on dvd will have region 2 on the box but like many UK and  especially Warner Brothers UK dvd releases is compatable with Australian region 4 DVD Players.

The Supernatural 1-8 box set on Blu-Ray is Region free so will play in any blu-ray player world wide

To purchase Supernatural Seasons 1-8 direct from amazon on dvd please click this link

For purchases of Supernatural Seasons 1-9 on Blu Ray please click here


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