Saturday, October 5th, 2013

LEADING Perth improviser Glenn Hall is heading to Germany this month – but it’s not to check out the beer at Oktoberfest.

He’s been invited to perform and hold workshops and panel sessions at the International Theatresports Conference from October 17 to 24, followed by performances at the Improtheater Festival Wurzburg.

Featuring some of the word’s best and cutting-edge improvisers, more than 100 people from 20 countries are scheduled to attend.

Festival convenor Nadine Antler invited Hall, an Australian champion improviser and actor, after meeting him at the recent Improvention Convention in Canberra (the largest improv festival in the southern hemisphere),

She guest-starred in his unscripted theatre production Zeitgeist and participated in his festival workshops.

“I’m nervous and excited, just like a kid on Christmas Eve,” Hall, a WA Academy of Performing Arts improv lecturer, said.

“It’s an honour to be invited to present the panel discussion Wrestling Entertainment as contemporary Commedia dell'arte because I do have a passion for wrestling.”

Antler added: "I got to know Glenn last July in Canberra – he’s a very skilled and open improviser and inspiring teacher.

“It’s easy to connect to his thoughts and I like the humbleness about how he presents his ideas but also the thoughtfulness and wisdom he reflects.

“We are very excited to have Glenn with us soon in Wurtzburg to teach and perform at our festival."

Under Hall’s creative direction, his company Just Improvise has been producing live scripted and unscripted theatre to popular and critical acclaim since 2000 and holds the WA licence for the Theatresports format.

It specialises in “slow improv” – unscripted theatre that delves beyond cheap easy gags and explores character and narrative instead.

The company also provides training and entertaining, for business and pleasure, using the philosophy and skills of improvisation for workplace programs and professional development and inspirational courses for the public.

“I’ve always been intrigued by the Slow Movement, particularly food, and what it means to improvisers,” Hall said.

“Slow improv is a philosophy, attitude and set of tools and techniques designed to see what’s possible if we abandon trying to make things happen and, instead, slow down and honour what’s already there.”

Hall is presenting a slow improv movement workshop while in Germany, as well as Scenes and Soundtracks with Canadian DJ Mama Cutsworth.

“Music can underscore and inform character and setting choices in scenes and entire performances,” he said.

“This workshop is aimed at actors, directors and producers who want to explore the synergy of sound and action co-existing in an improvised space.”

While in Wurzburg, Hall will also perform in the festival’s opening show Micetro on October 24 and The Vampire Bat and Show of the Dead on October 25.

“As the name suggests, The Vampire Bat is improvisation in the dark, while Show of the Dead is in the style of The Walking Dead and has been described as ‘the bloodiest improv of all time’,” he said.

Other festival performers include Helene Abrahamsen from Norway, Davide Arcuri from Italy, Rene Dellefont from Dad's Garage in Atlanta, Amy Shostak from Edmonton’s Rapid Fire Theatre, Tokyo’s ?Chris Wells, Katherine Weaver from Melbourne, Florian Toperngpong from Würzburg and Wiebke Wimmer, Verena Lohner and Torsten Voller from Hamburg.

For those wanting to become involved locally, Hall is running the Jump: Intro to Improv Masterclass on October 13 and the four-week Fly improv skills development course starting November 4 at the Mount Lawley Bowling Club.

He will also be hosting Best Bits on November 10, sharing his best Improtheater Festival Wurzburg moments.

For further information on Just Improvise and its classes, go to

More details about the Improtheater Festival Wurzburg are at



Leading Perth improviser Glenn Hall – a 25-year industry veteran – is heading to Germany for the International Theatresports Conference and Improtheater Festival Wurzburg this October.

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Just Improvise provides training and entertaining, for business and pleasure, using the philosophy and skills of improvisation – bespoke programs and professional development for workplaces, inspirational courses for everyday folks and entertaining live performances for everyone, including the ever-popular Theatresports™. Learning more about improvisation will change your life and the lives of those around you.
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