Monday, October 14th, 2013
Tiinkk, a new free social media app designed by a young Perth entrepreneur, is promising to take the burden out of making decisions, by sharing choices with friends and followers and receiving feedback in real time.

Everyone has stood in a change room trying to decide between the blue jeans or the black, the suede jacket or the leather, wishing they had a second opinion. This smart phone app allows people to source the valued opinions of friends instantly no matter where they are, without leaving the change room. 

The brainchild of 21-year-old Perth entrepreneur Josh Winterton, Tiinkk came about when he realised people have an innate desire to have their decisions validated by friends and family.

“The idea came to me when I was shopping with a friend; she was in the change room ‘angsting’ over a pair of super tight jeans and I was tossing up between a pair of sneakers – we both wanted each other’s opinion and wouldn’t make a decision until I vetoed her choice and she vetoed mine,” Mr Winterton said.

“That’s when I thought, how cool would it be if you could take a photo and share it with all your mates, no matter where they are in the world, getting their vote instantly? Tiinkk is an app specifically designed for people to go ‘yay or nay’ or let you know that ‘choice A’ totally kills it over ‘choice B’,” he said.

“Seven years ago I was seriously overweight and struggled with confidence, I always needed reassurance that I was making the right decision and I realised everyone to some extent struggles with choices and wants their opinions validated,” he said.

Tiinkk works by posting a pending decision in the form of a photograph (or two) taken with the app, accompanied by a question or comment which friends and followers then vote on and respond to, ultimately helping the user make a decision on everything from buying clothes, ordering food, to life decisions. Users can determine the length of time the question is open for comment, from 5 minutes to 30 plus days.

Mr Winterton said unlike other apps, Tiinkk is not just show and tell, it’s about starting a conversation to source valued opinions of friends and the wider Tiinkk community. Tiinkk also allows you to control the level of engagement and choose your audience, whether it’s asking your BFF a question in private or shouting out to Tiinkkers around the world.

“Tiinkk gives you a valued second, third, or 57th opinion in real time, meaning you’ll never be left struggling to make a tough decision on your own again – why think when you can Tiinkk?” Mr Winterton said.

Set to take the world by storm, Tiinkk is a free smart phone application developed to meet the needs of a new generation of social networkers, combining the best of photo apps and social networking on a platform that connects friends and followers across the globe in sharing decisions and collecting feedback, in real time.

He partnered with good friends Aaden Halbert and Daniel Porcaro to bring Tiinkk to fruition, with the team refining the idea over the past 15 months.

For more information go to, download it at the app store and sign in through Facebook to get Tiinkking. You can also follow Tiinkk on Facebook and Twitter @TiinkkApp.

Key Tiinkk Tech Facts:

  • Tiinkk is compatible with the Apple iOS 6 and iOS 7 operating systems
  • Users have the ability to choose their level of engagement and privacy:
    • Share to the world using hashtags to represent categories of interest
    • Share to followers only
    • Share directly to chosen users (Tiinkks only visible to chosen users)
  • Users have the ability to apply time limits in order to receive feedback in appropriate time frames. For example:
    • Shopping for clothes, a 5 – 20 minutes time limit may apply
    • Shopping for a car, a 1-week time limit may apply
    • Choosing a holiday destination, a month time limit may apply
    • Choosing a house, a month+ time limit may apply
  • Tiinkk allows two images to be posted at the same time for comparison, with a portrait or landscape option
  • Ability to take one image and receive a ‘yes’ or ‘no’
  • The functionality changes as the user chooses different decision options, for example:
    • If a ‘yes’ or ‘no’ Tiinkk is chosen then the choice for a replier is a thumbs up or thumbs down
    • If a portrait comparison Tiinkk is chosen then the choice for the replier is a finger pointing left and right
    • If a landscape comparison Tiinkk is chosen then the choice for the replier is a finger point up and down
  • Tiinkk allows users to receive all feedback and data after the time limit has expired in a statistical manner, showing percentages broken down by user, feedback and comments. Tiinkk also shows feedback from followers with  corresponding interests
  • Users that offer feedback to a Tiinkk that aligns with the final choice of the sender will receive a point of influence, which will appear on their profile page


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