Thursday, October 3rd, 2013
Hotels Magazine has named the #SocMedSleepover as the Best Integrated Digital Campaign in the 2013 Social Hotel Awards.

In what is believed to be a first for any hotel in Australia, The Terrace Hotel held a Social Media Sleepover, hash tagged #SocMedSleepover, which brought a cross section of social media influencers together  to celebrate the launch of a luxury hotel, bar and restaurant. 

Meg Coffey (former Marketing Manager of The Terrace Hotel now Managing Director of Coffey & Tea) joined forces with Perth Twitter legends and social media strategists @freocookster (John Cooke) and @tweetperth (Adam Barrell) to give instant credibility to not only the event but the event as a legitimate social media campaign.

The goal of the campaign was to increase brand awareness of a new luxury product and to establish a strong social presence which complemented the digital technology that was being integrated into the hotel. “Through the #SocMedSleepover we wanted to select a cross section of people to come and experience what the establishment had to offer. The idea was that anyone that was a social influencer could have the opportunity to experience the hotel and the hotel was able to appeal to a wide range of people.” Ms Coffey said. 

“We created a game of Cluedo which was played out in real-time – we wanted to create more than just a dinner party – we needed something that would keep the public interested in following along on the evening. The idea of reviving the childhood game of Cluedo, which was played in a mansion, would work perfectly with the luxury hotel, bar and restaurant,” Ms Coffey explained

There were 17 guests chosen to attend the #SocMedSleepover, 6 rooms and 6 “weapons” identified via social media channels during October 2012.

Guests included Richard Giles, program developer and early adopter, Margaret Wilson from the Australian Tourism Export Council, and Tourism Australia’s Social Media & Advocacy Manager, Jesse Desjardins, who flew in from Sydney just for the event.

During the #SocMedSleepover, multiple channels were utilized including Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, and Instagram. It was transparent that the event was sponsored in all angles and as such a minimal budget was required.

The campaign and event far exceeded our expectations and became a case study for several local advertising and strategy companies. The Terrace Hotel was established as a reputable brand with an excellent understanding of social media and it’s role in today’s marketplace.


#SocMedSleepover wins international award for the Best Integrated Digital Campaign 
Read the story in Hotels Magazine here: 
The #SocMedSleepover was created by Meg Coffey, John Cooke and Adam Barrell
The campaign began in early February 2012 and concluded the first week of December 2012 with the #SocMedSleepover occurring on Saturday 24 November. 
The hashtag #SocMedSleepover trended in Perth in 18 minutes upon the release of the TweetPerth competition
The hashtag #SocMedSleepover trended in Perth and Australia during the event on 24 November
At its peak, @tcehotelperth and #SocMedSleepover reached 46,000 accounts with 97,000 impressions
Between November 18th and 25th over 120,000 accounts were reached with 2.5M impressions.
@leahjaclyn picked the correct combination and won “The Big Sleep Package” valued at over $2,000

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