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Sound the Siren - Rock For MS

“[Chrissy] Amphlett passed away in April after a long battle with Multiple Sclerosis and breast cancer.  Meanwhile a Perth-based singer who fronts a Divinyls tribute act has been diagnosed with MS herself.  Donna Greene, the singer in Perth Divinyls tribute band Siren, is now in the process of raising money for the MS Society.

Patricia Amphlett threw her support behind Greene's plans, writing on Facebook "Shortly after Chrissy's passing, Donna Greene paid tribute to Chrissy with a special show in Perth. Donna performed the show while suffering fatigue, pain and impaired vision, and in an ironic twist has now been diagnosed with Multiple Sclerosis (MS) herself. Donna is now even more determined to raise money for the MS Society so please support her by liking her page and if you live in Perth, by going along to any future Siren - Divinyls Show shows in Perth!"

On the Siren – Divinyls Show facebook page, Donna has stated, “Now living with MS myself and as a female entertainer who has had a reasonable career in tribute performance, I feel that I understand Chrissy on another possibly deeper level. It gives you another perspective from the inside out. You can't really avoid it.”  

Ms. Greene goes on to say, “This is the basic principal behind our SIREN show. To raise funds for MS research to hopefully and eventually find a cure for MS so that people can hope to live a better, richer life or have a chance at life at all in some instances, if another disease lands on someone's MS plate to complicate matters. I, too, am an optimist. 
“… I feel that it would be remiss of us not to acknowledge Chrissy's battle with MS too. Being a huge Chrissy fan, and an entertainer who happened to be diagnosed with MS through the course of paying tribute to Chrissy after her passing in April this year, I can't help but believe this is the message I'm meant to convey. This show is about raising awareness and supporting Multiple Sclerosis research and we hope we have your support.”

Chrissy Amphlett on Sunday Night 
"In the end, Amphlett’s two conditions worked against each other – due to her multiple sclerosis, she had been unable to undergo effective cancer treatment."
src: Apr 26 2013

Supporters Stand Up!

The Western Australian Music industry, including Eastwick Events, Mix 94.5, X-Press Magazine, Kosmic Sound & Lighting, Guitar Gods West Coast, Rock House Mag, Awakening Vixen Photography, Bogan and Proud and other Western Australian businesses including Melville Mitsubishi, Artisan Jewellery, Jims Realty and others have also rallied behind Donna and the SOUND THE SIREN – ROCK FOR MS – SIREN Divinyls Show which is also supported by The Multiple Sclerosis Society of WA.  

SIREN Divinyls Show

The Siren show comprises some of the cream of the WA music community.  Donna has also invited Dean Denton (The Frames) to be her special guest on the night.  Dean was diagnosed with MS in 2005 and is a great inspiration to Donna.  Donna said, “I hope the two of us performing together will make for an inspiring message.”  There are also plans for additional special guests to appear on the night.  
The night will feature an opening set from ‘Guitar Gods’ Graham Greene along with WA’s Premier AC/DC show, Hells Bells to close the night.  Also included; MC Dean Clairs from Mix 94.5, A guest speaker from MSWA as well as an auction and raffle.  All performers are donating their time and expertise for a night of West Australian performance at its best to raise funds for The Multiple Sclerosis Society of WA on Friday November 22 at The Charles.   

Little Pattie

Little Pattie (Patricia Amphlett OAM) received a Medal of the Order of Australia on 9 June 2003 for her services to the Media, Entertainment and Arts Alliance (as National President) and to Actors' Equity (as vice-president). On 27 August 2009, Little Pattie was inducted into the Australian Recording Industry Association (ARIA) Hall of Fame alongside Kev Carmody, The Dingoes, Mental As Anything and John Paul Young.  She is the cousin of Christina Amphlett, lead singer of 1980s Australian band Divinyls

Multiple Sclerosis

MS is a disease of the central nervous system which results in damage to myelin — a protective sheath surrounding the nerve fibres. When myelin is damaged this interferes with messages between the brain and other parts of the body. The symptoms of MS are different for each person. For some people, MS is characterised by periods of relapse and remission while for others it has a progressive pattern. For everyone it makes life unpredictable. 
It is estimated that over 23,000 people in Australia have MS. An additional 1,000 Australians are diagnosed with MS every year, equating to approximately four people every working day. 2.5 million people are living with MS worldwide. While there are some treatments available to help to prevent the progression of MS, there is no known cure. 

MS Society of WA

Multiple Sclerosis (MS) is a chronic degenerative and often disabling neurological disease. There is no known cause and there is no cure. The MS Society of WA provides a welcome sanctuary for medical, physical and emotional assistance to its ever-increasing list of Members. The Society provides a range of essential professional health care services including physiotherapy, home nursing, immunotherapy support, counselling, occupational therapy, hospital liaison, peer support and respite care.

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