Tuesday, October 1st, 2013

World’s first weight-loss Formula which is not a diet, with its own online animated workout system. Mr. Inta-Fitness has developed the first system proven to regulate Fat Burning Hormones with food, while simultaneously boosting the metabolism with specific methods of exercise resulting in double the fat loss in half the time.

, AUSTRALIA, October 1st, 2013. Amazingly, weight-loss diet plans just became obsolete. Mr. Inta-Fitness has launched a second-generation method to achieve rapid weight-loss called “The 28-Day Flat Belly Formula”. It is claimed to be the only weight-loss program of its kind, and there is ample evidence to support that claim. As the new plan emerged from Beta Testing, it was clear that anybody can lose 6-11 kg’s in only 28-days.

“The 28-Day Flat Belly Formula” delivers rapid, safe, simple and easy weight loss, while at the same time detoxifying the body. It is a world first combination of Intermittent Fasting and strategic Hyper Loading with a Supa-Shake Day as well. Gone are the days of having to take often dangerous weight-loss supplements. No more stimulating/fat absorbing herbal or chemical compounds like HCA, CLA, Xenical or Duramine need to be consumed. Mr. Inta-Fitness has developed the perfect all-natural eating plan that will regulate the two main hormones responsible for hunger and satiety and control metabolism and fat burning. No more pills, capsules or gross tasting diet drinks. The secret is in the strategic manipulation of calories consumed combined with structured exercises. This can even be achieved without a gym and zero equipment is required as these are primarily body-weight movements.


Mr. Inta-Fitness is making the entire program available for free to the first 100 new customers this week in order to share this new weight loss discovery and prove his claims of rapid, easy, safe & permanent weight loss with no rebound weight gain, which is suitable for men & women of all ages and fitness levels.

During a recent press conference, Mr. Inta-Fitness had this to say: “Thank you all for joining me here today. This is a very simple, easy to follow and most of all fun, rapid weight loss & detox program suitable for all ages and fitness levels. Best of all the rapid results exercise routines can be done either at the gym or at home in privacy, with zero machines or other equipment and in as little as only 30 minutes! However, the greatest part of this Formula is there is no starving yourself, no deprivation, no plateaus, no hunger and you can eat anything you like on Day 1 every week, as this actually signals your body to burn twice as much fat each and every day for the following 6 days, resulting in double the fat loss in half the time." 

“The 28-Day Flat Belly Formula” is the creation of Mr. Inta-Fitness who is an Australian multi-award winning fitness and diet expert respected throughout the world. For over 12-years, he provided elite personal training & bootcamps to a wide range of clients through his Inta-Fitness studio. Having accomplished all he set out to in the fitness arena, the next logical step was to take the sum total of his experience and knowledge and create a system unlike all others.

For complete information, please visit: The 28-Day Flat Belly Formula


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