Thursday, September 26th, 2013

Australian Christians is the first political party in WA to openly fielding candidates at the WA local government elections being held in October 2013. Derek Bruning is contesting the Armadale Council Elections and Bob Burdett the Mandurah Local Council Elections.

Australian Christians is openly fielding candidates at the WA local government elections to be held on October 19 2013. It is believed to be the first time that a political party has openly endorsed and supported candidates for local government in Western Australia. In these local government elections Australian Christians has endorsed Mandurah Safety Advisor Bob Burdett as its candidate to contest the North Ward of the Mandurah Local Government Elections as well as electrician Derek Bruning, who is contesting the Minnawarra Ward in Armadale. Both were candidates in the recent Federal election.

Australian Christians WA President Dwight Randall said the party wanted to be upfront about its involvement in local politics and its reasons for encouraging Christians to enter local government. Until now other parties have put a lot of resources into local government elections but have stopped short of being open about their involvement.

“Actively participating in local government elections is a new development for Australian Christians and for WA. We want to be open and transparent about what we are doing,” Mr Randall said.

“Increasingly local governments are involving themselves in moral issues which go against what we as Christians stand for. We believe local government should stick to their core business of running local councils and stay away from matters which belong in the domain of State or Local Government.”

“We are seeing council members that have allegiances to political parties using the local government as a platform to promote their own agendas as well as that of their party. We see no reason why Australian Christians should not be part of this as a legitimate voice for Christians in this State.”

“While many people will see the politicising of local government as a bad development it has already been occurring for some years in a covert way and we believe that in time all the parties will follow Australian Christians’ lead and be up front about their involvement.”

The amalgamation of local council’s is likely to increase the politicising of local government further with less council positions available to contest.

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