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Bali, Indonesia, Sept 23, 2013 - (ACN Newswire) - The Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility (AFCSR), the annual event organized by the Asian Institute of Management - Ramon V. del Rosario, Sr. Center for Corporate Social Responsibility (AIM-RVR CSR Center) opened today at the Grand Hyatt Hotel, Nusa Dua, Bali, Indonesia.

This year's theme, "CSR and the Challenge of Inclusive Growth: The Role of Social Innovation in Creating Lasting Impact" frames the discussion around developing innovative approaches and creating social equity. The conference gathered over 300 delegates from over 20 countries. The two-day conference seeks to understand the processes involved in developing innovative approaches to address social concerns within a corporate set-up.

AIM President Dr. Steven J. DeKrey shared in his Opening Remarks that the business school is a pioneer in both management education and CSR. "Why do we focus on CSR? In developing worlds such as Asia, we need people who set the right tone and do the right thing. As CSR has evolved and widened in scope, AFCSR, for the past 11 years, has provided a platform to discuss replicable and scalable approaches for corporations to address challenges in these complex times."

"For many countries, the big question is how to ensure that the solutions and responses include the whole population. The challenge is to achieve and sustain inclusive growth. It has been clear for a long time that isolated programs with limited goals and horizons are not enough. Current realities require a long-term vision, scalable solutions, and innovative approaches that could harness a company's resources and capabilities toward harmonizing development and business goals," explained Conference Executive Director Dr. Francisco L. Roman.

Dato Paduka Timothy Ong, Conference Chairman of the AFCSR, stated, "We share a belief that we should do good even as we seek to do well - which are mutually reinforcing."

The plenary sessions featured distinguished speakers from both business and academe, representing Asia, Europe, and the US, offering diverse perspectives on growth and innovation.

Intel Corporation's Director for Corporate Responsibility Michael Jacobson stated that social and business opportunities demand innovation. "Social innovation must have commitment and collaboration. It must also be catalytic, transformational, and scalable."

Jacobson pointed out that CSR evolves from awareness to efficiency to strategy to transformation. He shared Intel's work in education, which has evolved from teacher training and designing of technologies for classrooms to partnering with governments to transforming the education ecosystem of countries, including leadership, policy, curriculum development, information communications technology, sustainable resourcing, research and evaluation, and professional development to generate student success.

Dr. David Grayson, Director of the Doughty Center for Corporate Responsibility in the Cranfield School of Management, emphasized that regular employees must not be overlooked when discussing social innovation.

"People who work in large corporations can be sources of social innovation. They are the 'social intrapreneurs'," he stated. "The challenge for companies is to create an enabling environment for social innovators to prosper. This must be backed by a sustainability culture and leadership from the top."

Sam Lee, Asia Director of the Academy of Business in Society, added, "Social innovation happens at various stages of the value chain," he said, adding that many communities have benefited from supply chain improvements.

AFCSR 2013 is also a tribute to its Founding Conference Executive Director Felipe B. Alfonso, who has established the AIM-RVR CSR Center in 2000 and the AFCSR in 2001.

For more information about the conference, please visit www.asianforumcsr.com.

About Asian Forum on CSR (AFCSR)

Following eleven successful conference runs in six of Southeast Asia's major cities - Manila, Bangkok, Kuala Lumpur, Jakarta, Ho Chi Minh City and Singapore, the Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility (AFCSR) continues to be at the forefront of CSR development in Asia. This 2013, Bali, Indonesia will host the 12th AFCSR on September 23 - 24th.

The AFCSR is recognized as the largest and most significant conference on CSR in Asia, this evident by the numbers of delegates who have attended the conference through the years. The forum is extremely well supported and attended, not just by the business sector but by government officials, the academe, civil society, media, and multinational and multilateral organizations operating in Asia.

Launched in Manila in 2002, AFCSR's mission highlights innovative programs and best practices in CSR by corporations in Asia in order to promote CSR as a key strategy in addressing public needs and problems, to showcase corporate standards on CSR as strategy, and to build a network of CSR practitioners across Asia. For more information on the AFCSR, visit the website at www.asianforumcsr.com.

About the AIM-RVR CSR Center

The AIM-Ramon V. del Rosario, Sr. Center for Corporate Social Responsibility (RVR CSR Center) was launched in July 2000 as a research and program initiative of the Asian Institute of Management (AIM). The main thrust of the Center is the management of corporate citizenship relative to the competitiveness of corporations and its impact on society. It is one of the first research centers in the region concentrating on corporate responsibility issues and is in the process of the establishing and creating its own network in the field of CSR, connecting and collaborating with counterpart organizations throughout the region.

The Center also provides consultancy services in a range of Corporate Responsibility areas as an integral part of its mission. Its aim is to be recognized by the business community as an authority in its fields of expertise, through its research activities (case-writing, research, survey research, investigative research, program development, executive education training) and annual regional conference - the Asian Forum on Corporate Social Responsibility (AFCSR). For more information, please visit http://rvr.aim.edu.

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