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Black Milk Clothing is an Australian fashion label founded in Brisbane in 2009 by designer James Lillis. Black Milk Clothing inspires anticipation and conversation by its global social media community of half a million “Sharkies”, which forms an inherent part of the Black Milk experience. The company selected thereitis ecommerce display technology to further increase community engagement in the launch of much-anticipated collections such as Harry Potter and Halloween.

thereitis uses a patented interactive 3D Display to overcome the challenge of displaying products on small screens, enabling Black Milk devotees to view the entire collection even on a smartphone.

Shoppers can control the thereitis “cube” to view different aspects of the range, and click through to purchase.

Cameron Parker, Marketing and Operations Manager of Black Milk Clothing, said that the thereitis 3D Display was a good fit with its “edgy” online brand.

“Previously we used Pinterest for previews but the highly dynamic, visual nature of thereitis is so much more powerful,” Parker said.

Over 500,000 unique visitors viewed the Black Milk Hogwarts and Halloween collections using the thereitis 3D Display. Key metrics include a 50% higher engagement rate in terms of number of product pages viewed, and an 83% higher average visit duration (average 15 minutes).

The Basket Size improved by as much as 25%, with an average of 10% higher average spend for users who viewed the collection on thereitis. The thereitis 3D Display experience is immersive, displaying the Black Milk Collections in a way that communicates the label’s community-driven innovation.

thereitis CEO Nigel Standish said the 3D Display experience was immersive, displaying the collections in a way that communicates Black Milk Clothing’s innovation. 
“The technology mimics the real-world shopping experience where products ‘catch your eye’ even when you’re not sure what you’re looking for," Standish said.  "thereitis puts the customer in control of the shopping experience – all using the retailer’s existing database.”
thereitis for Black Milk’s Hogwarts Collection
The thereitis 3D Display showcased 32 nylon pieces with leggings, dresses, swimsuits and tops all featuring intricate Harry Potter artwork.
Full height images were displayed in a custom iFrame launched from the Black Milk homepage. Users zoom, pan and spin to find the item they want and click on an item to see more details then make a purchase.
The technology is simple to use – on a desktop you scroll to zoom and drag to rotate; on touch devices you pinch to zoom and swipe to rotate.

About the Technology
thereitis 3D Display is the result of 10 years of research at Flinders University, South Australia. 

The solution runs on desktop and mobile web browsers using HTML4, HTML5, and Flash, as well as native iOS and Android apps.

thereitis is available as either a fully hosted solution running in an iFrame or as a custom embedded version integrated into the client’s website. It requires next to no technical knowledge to implement.

The look and feel of the cube is controlled using a simple Content Management System (CMS).

Data can be sourced from the client’s database or extracted from their website. Images can also be displayed with the background removed using the thereitis "Product Strip" service or as is.

Shoppers can click on a tab to launch thereitis interactive 3D Display, filter by parameters such as price, size and colour, and then click on an item to see more detail, ultimately clicking to make a purchase.


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