Tuesday, September 17th, 2013
PR agencies growth from acquisition and new services, such as content marketing

  • The PR Report’s 2nd annual report ranking Australia’s Top 25 PR agencies by revenue
  • PPR largest PR agency in Australia
  • Ogilvy PR (part owned by ASX listed STW), was #1 last year, now #2
  • PR Agencies now offering much more than PR services; content marketing is huge growth area
Commenting on this year’s rankings, Glen Frost, Publisher, The PR Report, said: “PR is a very competitive industry, and if there is one message from this annual survey, its this; PR is a fast moving sector and rankings in the top 25 can, and do, change rapidly.”

Frost added: “PR firms are growing by acquisition and by organic growth. Acquisition often occurs with the rise of new technology, such as social media, with new companies offering new services that are bought by established PR firms, as PR agencies look to quickly add new skills to the agency’s roster.”

“In addition, the other top two trends in the sector are:
1. Why is there so much change in the PR industry? More accounts are now open to pitches. Companies and organisations increasingly see the value in having agencies pitch for their account/business; this is creating a competitive dynamic where large accounts move to other agencies, thus impacting an agency rankings – witness big changes in the rankings from 2012 to 2013.

2. Why is there so much change in the PR industry? PR agencies are offering more services, blurring the lines between “advertising” and “PR” – some clients are looking for much more than PR from their PR agency (what might be perceived as “traditional PR services” such as media relations, crisis communications, writing etc). PR agencies now offer brand analysis, branded content strategy and a full range of content marketing services (from social media  content to TV/video production, editing and distribution) – meaning that PR agencies now compete with advertising agencies for the marketing budgets of major brands.”

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