Monday, September 16th, 2013
It is no secret that presentation sells property, but if you are based in a rural area, are already design savvy or simply do not have the capital to invest it a full property style to sell your home, the internet brings options you may not have considered.

Melbourne property styling expert Brianna O’Neil said that e-styling is a new way to harness technology and have an expert property stylist at your virtual door.

“With technology progressing faster than we can keep up, we are finding a range of clients all over Australia needing to access our knowledge, even if its not possible to cater for them in a physical capacity,” said Ms O’Neil.

“In the world of email, Skype and FaceTime it can often be easier for the client and stylist to invest in an e-styling consultation to avoid the time and cost of travel, or to shop around for an alternate stylist,” she says.

"Sometimes an e-consultation requires as little as an iPhone and a measuring tape. Of course extras such as house plans and video access help, but they are not crucial to see a great result."

"My clients have different levels of comfort when it comes to e-Styling. Some are comfortable in front of a camera with a video tour, others prefer emailing photos and notes and some like to just pick up the phone. It all comes down to the vendor feeling comfortable with the process."

"The process can range from anything from giving advice, positioning furniture on house plans, developing online mood boards and shopping advice."

Ms O’Neil recommends the following property sellers try e-Styling:

• People in rural areas – most property stylists and furniture warehouses tend to be based in larger cities. Presentation is still crucial in these areas and can be achieved in a virtual capacity. The stylists can even shop on the clients behalf and have items delivered to their door.

• Design savvy – we often come across design savvy vendors who only lack knowledge specific to the styling process to pull a job together. They often have their own ideas which are best implemented with the guidance of an e-stylist.

• Money poor – many vendors are stuck between a rock and a hard place - they need to sell for financial reasons but don't have the capital upfront to invest in presentation. A smaller investment in an e-Stylist may be a more realistic prospect.

• A good foundation – some properties already have a good foundation to build on. They may not require a great deal of furniture or props, but require some finessing. Under the direction of an e-stylist they can achieve this.

• Time poor - an e-Stylist can point you in the direction for everything required for preparing your property for sale, minus the shopping around. They can direct you to discount paint, blinds, linen and everything else you may need.

"With the Internet bringing us closer every day, we can only imagine what is next on the horizon - which can only lead to more beautiful homes, and in turn, happy vendors .”

More information on the benefits of e-styling can be found at

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