Tuesday, September 17th, 2013

More than 48 % of Australian workers have been bullied by their mentor. These frightening statistics were released this week by specialist corporate training company - Happening People (www.HappeningPeople.com).

Happening People conducted this online survey of over 3000 Facebook members after a potential client was discussing the impact of bullying on their workplace which included more sick days, more stress, and less work being done.

Managing Director, Samuel day of corporate training specialists Happening People ‘The results of this survey are indicative of what is heard in corporate Australia every day.  The role of a mentor is to empower their mentee to grow and function autonomously and to be a positive influence on the mentee. Structured mentoring programs are critical to reduce this alarming statistic. Even one person bullied is one too many.’

The Australian Human rights commission says that bullying can take many different forms for example, playing mind games, ganging up on you, or other types of psychological harassment, giving you pointless tasks that have nothing to do with your job, giving you impossible jobs that can't be done in the given time or with the resources provided, and deliberately holding back information you need for getting your work done properly.

“There is great room for improvement, whilst 20% of Australian organisations are training their mentors in how to be effective a staggering 80% are not.”  Said Samuel Day.  Happening People offer corporate training programs to organisations so they can train their mentors on how to be effective, influential and skilled mentors”.

The survey is the focal point of this week’s coveted Top 5 on
www.ManagersDoor.com The What Nots’ of Mentoring. The top 5 include; 1.Over ruling the Mentee’s Manager 2. Interfering with normal policies and procedures, 3. Providing unfair advantages or privileges, 4. Taking action on behalf of the mentee, 5.  Being an expert at all times. (http://www.managersdoor.com/top-5/)

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Happening People are known for their talents in working with organisations to take control of their companies’ performance. They have worked with 25% of Australia’s top 100 largest organisations. They offer Corporate Training Programs focused on Effective Leadership and Coaching Programs aimed at assisting; Leaders, Managers and their teams to become effective and inspiring leaders.
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