Monday, September 16th, 2013
Lose Baby Weight has now helped mums lose over 400,000kg through their Lose Baby Weight plans and their 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan (which is breastfeeding friendly) and is proud to announce the relaunch and redesign of the best selling 28 Day Diet and Exercise plan.

The 200 page plan and book with over 90 recipes and covers everything you need to know about losing baby weight in a safe and healthy way, under the guidance of leading nutritionists and post-natal specialist trainers.

Owner & Founder of Lose Baby Weight, Rhian Allen, says, “The book has been created especially for the busy mum who is ready to get in shape post baby and who wants to follow a daily diet and exercise plan for weight loss. We have included daily food and meal plans, shopping lists, daily recipes, nutrition information and daily exercises that over 28 days will aid your health, fitness and weight loss.

“We have worked with experts to ensure the Lose Baby Weight diet plans and recipes are nutritionally advanced, safe for breastfeeding and provide maximum exercise benefits, without having to go to the gym.

It is not about putting any pressure on mums to lose weight and is instead about creating safe, healthy and convenient diet & exercise plan to follow if mums feel 100% ready physically and emotionally to lose any weight after having children” said Rhian.

Experienced Nutritionist Kathleen Alleaume, who is a member of the Dieticians Association of Australia, has been working with Lose Baby Weight for the past 20 months, with her focus being on ensuring optimal nutrition and ease for all mums – including those breastfeeding.

“The diet plans have not only been designed to be quick and easy to follow, but to also give optimal nutrition and energy. The daily plans are also packed with foods to help boost milk supply while the mum is breastfeeding,” said Kathleen.

Expert personal trainer, John Allen, who specialises in post pregnancy weight loss, has created the weight loss exercise plans. John has provided a variety of exercises that can be done with your baby at home or in the park, without needing a visit to the gym.

The Lose Baby Weight 28 Day Breastfeeding Friendly Diet & Exercise Book contains:

1.     200 glossy pages and over 90 recipes

2.     4 weeks of meals and a detailed daily diet plan diary showing what to eat for breakfast, snacks, lunch, dinner and drinks. There are new meal options and recipes each day so you don’t get bored

3.     4 weeks of easy to make delicious recipes that are family friendly

4.     A shopping list for your weekly shop

5.     4 weeks of daily weight loss exercise plans to follow

6.     Weight loss exercise instructions and images to follow

7.     Snack advice and guidance

8.     Advice on how to maintain weight loss

9.     Nutrition and calories information about the food you are eating


Linda Hallas, a mum from Victoria who has successfully lost 40kgs on the Lose Baby Weight programs. Linda says, “I have developed some pride in myself. I’m loving the extra motivation I have and energy that I have to get doing things and getting them done is truly much easier now I have lost some weight.”

Lose Baby Weight have a support network of over 73,000 Facebook fans and free online access to the Lose Baby Weight members area where they can track their results as well as daily support from the Lose Baby Team – 7 days a week and daily new content and recipes on their website every day.  Other products in the Lose Baby Weight range include The Healthy Mummy Smoothie, The Healthy Mummy Spring & Summer Cookbook, The Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD and The Healthy Mummy Calorie Bible.

The Lose Baby Weight 28 Day Breastfeeding Friendly Diet is available online now and at an RRP of $45.95 and includes a bonus e-book version.

For further information, high res images, give aways, books or interviews, please contact:

Rhian Allen – P: 02 8094 8775  - M: 0410 869354 - E: [email protected]

And to see more about how the Lose Baby Weight plans works click here


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Lose Baby Weight

Lose Baby Weight offers safe and healthy weight loss products and plans to help mums lose weight when they feel 100% ready to do so (we do not put pressure on mums to lose weight and only support them to lose weight when they are ready). The plans and products are created by nutritionists and post natal exercise experts and include diet and exercise plans, cook books, exercise DVD's, calorie bibles and meal replacement smoothies plus a huge amount of free online support and content - including over 500 recipes.
Rhian Allen
P: 02 8094 8775
M: 0410 869354

The Healthy Mummy

The Healthy Mummy is the range of products and brand which is used on the Lose Baby Weight plans and includes The Healthy Mummy Smoothie, The Healthy Mummy Calorie Bible, The Healthy Mummy Spring & Summer Cookbook, The Healthy Mummy Post Pregnancy Exercise DVD, The Healthy Mummy 28 Day Diet & Exercise Plan and it also has its own stand alone website and support system for mums wanting to improve their health and lifestyle.
Rhian Allen
P: 02 8094 8775
M: 0410 869354


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