Monday, September 16th, 2013
A seminar and workshop to be held by the Association for Manufacturing Excellence (AME) in Adelaide on September 24 will hear that improvements in finance department operations can achieve improvements in productivity for the long term.

The seminar will be led by Nick Katko, a global authority on Lean Accounting, who assists companies like Boeing and Nestle better align their accounting and operations functions.

AME SA President Dan Moriarty says that too many organisations implement staff layoffs and wage cuts as a means to increasing efficiency.

“Staff layoffs and wage cuts can provide a short-term solution but operational excellence will have a greater positive impact,” Moriarty said.

“The disciplines developed in the manufacturing sector over the last 50 years, often referred to as ‘Lean Manufacturing’, are being applied to all business processes and industry sectors.”

Lean Accounting principles recognise that traditional accounting and measurement systems provide only financial measures to management.

“They are not designed to tell a company how much waste is being eliminated or how the flow of work is providing more value to its customers,” Moriarty said.

“Lean Accounting gives people at every level clear and understandable information that they can readily use to improve productivity and grow the business.”

AME brings a global authority to Australia each year as part of its mission of Leadership in Operational Excellence. Nick Katko is an associate of Brian Maskell, known as the father of Lean Accounting.   Katko, from the USA, has recently helped companies like Boeing and Nestle better align their accounting and operations functions.

WHAT:     Lean Accounting Seminar & Workshop
WHEN:     Tuesday 24th September, 2013. 9.00 am to 4.30 pm
WHERE:     The Adelaide Pavilion, Veale Gardens, Adelaide. Enter off South Terrace

To attend :
Tel: 1300 263 287  or book online at


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The AME (Australia) is an affiliate of the AME (North America), a group of individuals who are eager not only to improve our own knowledge of operational excellence, but also to share our experiences with other members, both through informal networking and site visits and more formal local and international events and conferences. The AME holds several regional, national and international events each year. The membership is practitioner-based, and all events are focused on hands-on learning.
Dan Moriarty, SA President, Association for Manufacturing Excellence
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