Thursday, March 4th, 2010
Independent MLC Ann Bressington is asking the South Australian media to support and promote a WorkCover forum being organized by the Work Injured Resource Connection – flyer attached.

The tragic circumstances of the WorkCover system in South Australia are rarely told. Rosemary McKenzie-Fergusen, founder of Work Injured Resource Connection, is a rare human being who funds such forums from her own pocket and offers advocacy and support services to injured workers that should really be the responsibility of government and the WorkCover Corporation.

Not many South Australians are aware that injured workers are going without food and medication because they simply cannot afford these basic necessities.

“Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson and I have both found ourselves in the position of having to provide food to injured workers because some were living on nothing more than dry bread and packet soups and unable to afford their medications,” Ann Bressington said.

“Yet with the focus on the ‘unfunded liability’, the real stories of injured workers and their families struggling to buy food, keep a roof over their heads and cloth their children is not told.

“It is a sad indictment of our government’s concern for its constituents when sick, injured and vulnerable people are forced into this position.

“It is clear that over the decades there has been a gradual change in focus of both major parties in relation to injured workers. They have gone from championing workers rights, to so drastically slashing entitlements that many injured workers are now below the poverty line. They have thrown injured workers out in to the cold and left them to starve.”

“It will be interesting to see who from government shows at this forum given the drastic changes to the legislation in 2009,” Ann Bressington said.

For more information please call Ann Bressington on 044 888 7277
Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson on 8410 0121.

10th WorkCover Public Forum, March 4th 2010
Way Hall
10 Pitt Street

Thursday 6.45 for a 7pm start till 9pm

Invited speakers include
Dianne Gage, Minister Paul Cacia, Shadow Minister Iain Evans, Anne Bressington MLC, Robert Brokenshire Family First MLC, Dr Kevin Purse, Janet Giles SA Unions

Whilst I cannot promise you that talking will change anything, I can promise you that keeping quiet will alter nothing!

Injured workers are not problem people; they are people with a problem!

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Work Injured Resource Connection, Public Meeting

Independent Member for Legislative Council
The Hon Ann Bressington
P: 8237 9541

Work Injured Resource Connection

Injured Workers Support Group
Rosemary McKenzie-Ferguson
P: 08 8410 0121


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